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Be My Social is a Humana Ltd Brand.

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Be My Social, First/Second Floor, 8 Priory Place, Doncaster Town Centre DN1 1BL

Instagram Advertisement

Instagram Advertisement

Let’s build awareness and excitement as we share your stories on the world’s prettiest social media platform.

Captivate your audience with gorgeous design. Post something relevant and see your likes and follows pour in.

Instagram ads are striking. They appear in a very bold, clear format that fits in perfectly with other pages that your customers follow. Instagram’s images are intended to evoke emotion from their users.

Being featured alongside beautiful places, amazing food and adoring pets means that your brand will be associated with a good feeling. This positive association gives you the best chance to be remembered and valued.

Content Strategy

Who do you want to reach – and what do you want to show off? The first step in creating a solid content strategy for Instagram is to identify what your target audience wants to see. We can then integrate visuals from your business with expertly crafted copy.

Competitor Analysis

We'll help you learn what works, and what's already been done to death. We want you to innovate - and it's impossible to do that without seeing what similar companies are doing.

Initial Targetting

We'll work to define an ideal audience and create an individual profile based on your business. We'll factor in everything that's unique about your brand to ensure the best results.

Launching Ads

When your post is live, you’ll get questions, comments and inevitable detractors. How you deal with this directly affects the success of your campaign.

We’ll be here to help as much as you need us to.

We’ll learn quickly to ensure that your ad is working to maximum effect in the shortest possible time. We’ll then adapt our targeting and/or our content to drive improvement.

On launch, we’ll ensure that Facebook’s tracking pixel is in place and reporting properly. This will collect data that allows us to optimise. It helps us to measure conversion, improve targeting for future ads, and remarket to visitors who’ve already shown interest in your brand.

Gathering Intelligence

We’ll provide you with the high-level facts that show how our combined efforts are working to improve social engagement. Post-Analytics will show you which posts have performed best over the month, broken down by impressions, engagement percentage and clicks.

Want to know who is engaging with your social presence? We provide a monthly demographic breakdown for each profile.

Our hashtag analysis allows you to see which hashtags are leading to more engagement for your posts and which we should avoid.


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