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Snapchat Advertisement

Snapchat Advertisement

Our Snapchat Advertisements are very well presented.

Our Social Media Marketing and Graphic Design team take great pride in their Snapchat advertising.

Advertising on Snapchat has become a great way to get exposure for your business. With adverts such as AR experiences and Commercials, you have a chance to create a positive experience for your target market.

Creating a Snapchat advert is as simple as creating a video or designing a photo. And thanks to us, we have made that process easier. Backed by experience in social marketing, our team of experts is able to research in order to create you an advert that will make a difference in your sales.

Advertisement Formats

A collection ad is an advert that has four tappable tiles. These tiles are used to showcase multiple products.

These ads are made for commercial purposes and allow a business to feature its products. This is great because other than getting potential sales, you get amazing exposure which increases your brand awareness to a large number of people.

Lenses are a great way to capture your market’s attention. With the power of augmented reality, you are able to create a 3d advertisement with your logo on and an interactive object.

These are good as you are able to create an experience for a Snapchat user which they will remember.

Commercials are non-skippable adverts that for six seconds the user has to watch. These adverts can be up to three minutes long and appear within Snapchat’s curated content. 

They are good as you have a full six seconds where you can attempt to grab a user’s attention via a video.

These Adverts are 3-20 Single Images or a Video and are delivered between content or through a branded tile in Snapchat’s “Discover” section.

These are good because like the Single Image or Video Ads, they show up full-screen in-between content.

We’ll reach out and engage with key people who can create excitement and interest around your brand. Depending on your offering, this could be a huge way to increase interest in what your company has to offer.

Filters are artistic overlays that appear after you take a Snapchat photo and swipe left or right. These photos are png format and show on top of an image a user takes.

They are quite good as like the Lens AR experiences you are able to create a memorable experience for the user.

Single Image or Video ads are full screen and offer creative freedom to communicate your message. These work as they are just a video/picture and the user can swipe up to see your website.

These can be good as there is so much you are able to create with them so you can come up with multiple different ways to grab your market’s attention.


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