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Snapchat Engagement

Using Snapchat to boost your business

Over the last decade, Snapchat has grown to become a huge content platform that is used by major brands worldwide.

With our help, you can build an engaged local or national snapchat following.

Let’s Snap

A Different Breed of User

Nearly half of Snapchat's users don't use Instagram or Facebook every day.

Their 200,000,000+ strong user base consists largely of Millennial and Gen Z users actively looking for the highest quality content. Don't let them down!

Content Creation

The Snapchat application allows users to send 'snaps' - photos, videos or short messages to their friends and family.

The communication aspect of snapchat makes it perfect as a sounding board for your business. You can either release pre-made content, or use the app to create then and there. Snapchat has a range of 'augmented reality' filters ready to add a little flair to your posts.


The beauty of Snapchat is that you can fire off content based on real-time events. There's a fine line here and even a younger audience will be unforgiving if you cross a line in terms of taste. Get this right, and you'll ride a wave of huge engagement thanks to your audience.


Regular snaps can only be seen a maximum of two times, but a user's Story will remain for a full 24 hours. Your followers can browse these snaps in their feeds, so it's a great way to engage many people at once.

We recommend updating stories a maximum of two or three times a day to avoid spamming your audience.

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