The importance of Social Media in today’s climate

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect millions of businesses around the world, it’s more important than ever to protect your future business interests by maintaining a solid presence on social media.

With more and more companies beginning to buckle due to the virus’s effect on consumption patterns and consumer lifestyles, it’s clear that any business needs to shift their goal from profit to protection. From attack to a holding pattern.

Who will consumers feel connected to when the brakes are released on the national economy? That will be based on who spoke to them when sales were a secondary concern for most businesses.

Who maintained a connection.?

Given the pandemic’s effect on the way producers and consumers act, companies must now reassure customers with empathy and care through proper communication. What better way to do this than with an effective social media management strategy? 

Why social media management matters more than ever

The Internet gives consumers all around the world a safe space to interact with anyone and everyone, even during times of isolation.

In times where no one can leave their homes, online activity has grown to be higher than ever. People have more time to go online. Aside from being able to talk to friends, family, and coworkers, people are more keen than ever to hear updates from brands as they think about their lives in a post-pandemic world.

Fortunately, staying relevant amidst the pandemic and communicating to customers (and potential clients) can be easily done by sticking to an effective social media management strategy. When you take the time to manage your social pages properly, you can give your target market and loyal customers the support and care they need while providing even more reasons to visit your store when the pandemic ends.

How to manage your social media for success in these trying times

The best way to stay afloat in these unprecedented times is to create a valuable social media presence that meets the very needs and expectations of your customers. Here are three tips to help you do so: 

1. Create more reasons to engage and communicate with your customers

Whether it may be through a video, a text post, or a messenger bot, it pays to set up valuable opportunities to communicate with your customers, especially in times like these. 

By using a well-constructed and managed post, you can easily be sensitive and communicate with your customers so that they know what’s happening with your business. From clearing any air regarding a potential closing and revised opening hours to how your employees are being treated, letting everyone know the current status of your company will help give them a much-needed reality check.

Beyond a welfare update, engaging more with your customers also opens up the opportunity to reassure them while checking up on their well-being.

2. Open up your message inbox and reply promptly

At this time, expect customers to become increasingly nervous about any business to the point that they’ll continuously send in messages until they get a reply. Once you get a message, make sure that you reply to it as soon as possible so that your customers will be engaged and entertained enough to take their business to your store once the situation gets better!

3. Offer discounts and benefits and make posts about them

Another effective way to communicate the amount of care that you have for your customers is by providing them with valuable benefits. After all, who doesn’t like a discount or a rebate?

This was demonstrated recently when Admiral gave money back to every customer who had a car policy with them. This is something that will be appreciated and remembered when it’s time to renew.

Creating social media posts to inform your customers about live streaming sessions, Q&As, discounts, flexible payment plans, and donation opportunities will go a long way towards keeping them happy.

With COVID-19 affecting the way businesses work, it is important that you provide your own company with the competitive edge it needs in order to stay afloat. This is essentially where effective social media management comes into the picture.

If you’re looking to supplement your marketing efforts with an effective social media management strategy, get in touch with us today at Be My Social to see how we can help!