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We Are Be My Social

Our company was created to help businesses of all sizes who either can’t build a full in-house marketing function or who want additional support and guidance to bolster their existing efforts. Truly covering all bases requires several specialist staff members with a combined 6-figure wage bill. Our people are ready to provide a much more cost-effective option.

As a digital marketing agency, we’re already helping brands like yours to improve every aspect of design, marketing and communications. It’s time to join them. Let us research your brand and deliver new ideas that will take your business to the next level.

We can put out multiple researched posts every week at a fraction of the cost of an in-house member of staff. It costs far less for us to create content at the highest standard than it would cost you to hire a junior team member to do the same work.

If you need the best support at an industry-leading price point, we’re here to help.

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Meet The Be My Social Team
Meet the team


Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Be My Social, my role has been to oversee the operations of our highly dependable and incredibly skilled team of Social Media Specialists, Sales Representatives, Web Designers, Content Creators and Graphic Designers.

Meet the team


Finance Manager

I am a Coventry University economics graduate and a well-organised business administrator. I have previous experience working in administration roles within the finance industry. It is a pleasure to work in our laid-back but hard-working office at Be My Social. My role is to take a big picture view of our business and make sure the finer details are all in order to ensure the smooth running and success of our projects.

Meet the team


Sales Manager

I work to oversee the long-term growth strategy of BeMySocial. My team are on hand to help support your business and help you decide how you'd like to improve branding, style, sales and the overall development of your business.

Meet the team


Digital Marketing Manager

While building my management capabilities prior to joining the business, I’ve worked with marketing and social media teams for a number of years. I’m excited to drive my career forward as Digital Marketing Manager for Be My Social!

Meet the team


Advertising & Social Media Manager

With several years of marketing & advertising experience, I have a combined set of skills that allows me to create tailor-made and enhanced strategies for every client; that will deliver success and ROI through paid campaigns.

Elijah Web Developer Apprentice


Web Developer

I am a hard working and cross-capable member of the BeMySocial Team. I'll be on hand to support design, layout or functionality changes on your website - and will also be a great help with design or content ideas too!

Tom Web Developer



I am a technically skilled and diligent member of the BeMySocial Team. I'll provide valuable assistance in implementing necessary functionality modifications to your website.

Connor Digital Marketing Apprentice


Marketing Executive

I am a skilled marketing executive with a talent for optimising strategies and campaigns. With expertise in digital advertising, content marketing, and brand management, I am passionate about delivering measurable results and using data insights to continuously improve.

Gareth Client Success Excecutive


bms staff

Matthew is a valuable new member of the BeMySocial team.

Meet the team


bms staff

Natascha is a valuable new member of the BeMySocial team.

Nicole Digital Marketing Apprentice


BMS Staff

Elsa is a valuable new member of the BeMySocial team.

Gerard Meet the team


BMS Staff

Jan is a valuable new member of the BeMySocial team.

Morty The Be My Social Office Dog


office dog

Coming to us from Wales, Morty is a vibrant, energetic presence in the office. He's always vocal when it comes to creative direction, and he always manages to charm the ladies.

In his spare time, Morty enjoys Fetch, thinking about playing Fetch, dreaming about playing Fetch and convincing other people to help him play Fetch.

Larry Meet The Team


office dog/king

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - originally from Kidderminster, Larry moved to Yorkshire for lower rent and rural walks.

Having experienced great success with his own social media pages, he was the perfect candidate to help BeMySocial take engagement to the next level. When he has a big decision to make, he'll normally sleep on it. Because that's mainly what he does in the office.

Larry Meet The Team


office dog

Prince occasionally visits the office as part of his training to become a web developer.

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