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tired man doomscrolling through social media

Doomscrolling Social Media’s Vicious Cycle

There is nothing like a pandemic to fill your news feeds with depressing, upsetting, and worrying information. In addition, this has caused many of us to engage in ritualistic, uncontrollable behaviour that is detrimental to our health. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of us have felt the urge to obsessively scroll through our social media and news feeds and pay attention to upsetting or generally unfavourable content, often known as "doomscrolling"...

traineeships for marketing careers

How Traineeships Can Help Address the Digital Marketing Skills Gap

Unlike other sectors, digital marketing is still relatively new. With the creation of the internet and advancing technology, digital marketing has snowballed into mainstream society and has become useful for the growth of pretty much every business. However, with great power comes the great need for marketing careers and skills.  Transitioning from standard marketing (billboards, leaflets etc.) into digital marketing (social media advertising and platforms, SEO) includes adding new skills that previously weren’t needed....

companies that use creative advertising agency

Why Do Companies Use Advertising Agencies?

Business owners will be aware of how challenging it is to connect with your target market. That's why many turn to a creative advertising agency that can help grow their business and reach a wider audience. But, what are the benefits? Find out today from a creative marketing agency. Knowledgable Leave it to the experts. Though many companies may perform their own creative advertising campaigns, most likely, their business will be something completely different. They might...

instagram followers social media marketing agencies

How Can Your Business Get More Instagram Followers?

Social media. Pretty much has taken over our lives. Whether you use it to keep in contact with your school friends or to post what low-carb meal you had for brunch (we assume it contained avocado). Whatever the case, Instagram has now become a highly useful platform for businesses to expand their reach and gain more traffic to their website. With the help of social media marketing agencies, which have experts that understand...

market research writing copy

How Market Research Can Help With Writing Copy

When writing copy, some people may not think that market research is actually the foundation. Copywriters strive to be innovative and creative with their content creation services and might think that just throwing a bunch of descriptive words together will sell the product. Yet, even with the best graphics and marketing strategy in place, you’ll get nowhere without doing the basic research beforehand.  You need to know what you or your client's customers will...

guide to website development

A Quick Guide to Website Development

Website development refers to all of the work that goes into making a website. Including everything from markup and coding to scripting, network configuration, and CMS development is covered. Web development encompasses all related development responsibilities, such as client-side scripting, server-side scripting, server and network security settings, eCommerce development, and content management system (CMS) development, in addition to web markup and code. Why is Website Development Important?  The internet isn't going away anytime soon. In...

what is spotify advertising

What is Spotify Advertising?

First created in Sweden, Spotify was released in the UK in 2009 and has since transformed how we listen to music. Some say that radio is a dying art form, due to the easy accessibility and variety these music streaming services provide. And this is shown in statistics; where 53% of all UK consumers have a Spotify account. So, what about Spotify Advertising? Here at Be My Social, we offer a wide range of...

google seo algorithm

What is the New Google Algorithm Update For SEO?

As technology becomes more advanced and updates are rolling out every couple of months, it is important for businesses that are focusing on Google SEO campaigns to remain vigilant on the latest revisions. Google plays a major role in confirming a website’s relevance and authenticity, so therefore, those companies that rely heavily on SEO to widen their audiences need to be aware of the May 2022 “broad core algorithm” update.  But, what does this...

local marketing company doncaster

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Marketing Company 

For businesses, it is important that your audiences can easily access your services and recognise your brand identity through various mediums. Many hire a marketing team, using styles such as social media, advertising and email marketing strategies. Yet, what about the benefits of hiring a local marketing company?/ With many companies focusing on their digital image, there are many benefits to hiring a local marketing company to target specific audiences more efficiently. Find out...

small business seo company

How Small Businesses Should Choose Your Keywords For SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. Unlike social media and advertising, SEO does not happen instantaneously. It can take time to find the right approach. And that ultimately comes down to the choice of keywords targeted. Using a small business SEO company is a sure-fire way to ensure the right research is undertaken when finding suitable phrases that will improve their rankings on search engine results...

digital advertising agency google marketing live

Google Marketing Live 2022: The Biggest Announcements

Each year, Google Marketing Live brings together marketers from all around the world to discuss the best practices and learn more about the latest Ads and Commerce developments. And, as a digital marketing agency, here at Be My Social, we make sure we know the biggest announcements that occurred at the 2022 edition. This year, new approaches to advertising strategies were unveiled to help marketers build long-term resilience. With a keynote address and 16...

newsletter email, email marketing

How to Create Engaging Newsletter Emails

Newsletter emails offer customers and fans an insight into a business by subscribing to a mailing list. This can include a variety of elements, such as promotions, company announcements and the latest deals. The aim is to not just encourage your customers to continue with your services (and improve sales) but, to also make them feel included within the business.  But, how can you create engaging content for emails that could be sent weekly?...

social media management company facebook group

How Can Your Business Grow its Facebook Group

In the modern world, it is important for businesses to maintain an active social media presence to widen audiences and gain more traffic for their services. Using a social media management company is a great way to ensure your social media reflects exactly what your business offers and how they can help their customers. And this is no exception for Facebook business groups.  Businesses are using Facebook groups to engage new and existing customers...

web development services

What Mistakes Should Web Development Services Avoid?

Web development services are vital in designing and maintaining a healthy website. Whether you yourself are a developer or hiring professional web development services; there is no question that without correct techniques, these pages would cease to function. All of these development styles, approaches, and platforms have something in common: they're all vulnerable to the same web development difficulties, which are generated by the nature of web applications. These web development suggestions are intended to...

what is digital content creation

What is Digital Content Creation?

Digital content creation is more of a generic term for a wider range of services. It can mean a variety of things. Whether this is the planning and strategy phases, through to creating and analysing progress. Whatever you are looking for, here at Be My Social, we are here to help with the content creation progress. As the world becomes more online, with lots of businesses not even having a physical shop front anymore,...

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