Copywriting Checksheet

Copywriting: The Foundation of Your Business

Copy creation is a cost-effective and sustainable method in capturing customer perception. Through proper copywriting, you can achieve a number of helpful results that aid in the growth of your business.

By making your campaigns and online endeavours coherent, copywriting ensures that all of the marketing collateral you produce is consistent with your brand’s voice.

This article explores some of the most integral concepts that come with effective copywriting; an insight into building a business image through copy creation.

Creating Value-driven Content 

Purposeful textual content goes a long way, especially because first impressions leave such a lasting memory. Every sentence on your website should have its own purpose, subheadings, titles and paragraphs should each entail their own value. Purposeful texts allow for the writer to cover all of their talking points in fewer words. This will result in a higher chance of the reader staying engaged.

Understanding Subject Matter for Better Copy Creation

Every writer should strive to find the perfect balance between informative and relatable content. If you are writing about household furniture, you want the reader to feel like the product in focus is a perfect fit for their home and that they understand why they want it. Good copy is always founded upon a foundation of solid research; readers will always see through poorly researched articles. 

It is common for new writers to struggle to achieve good copy on subjects they are unfamiliar with. Experience in writing is a key factor in adaptability. Strong and confident writers will be able to adapt their skill set without having a personal connection to a subject matter.

In order to rank highly on Google's search pages, copy creation will need a minimum of 400 words and a good foundation of keywords for proper SEO.
Online copy creation should consist of a minimum of 400 words.

Using Copy Creation to Build Reputation

A brand’s image is essentially how a company wants to be recognised. Good content creators can utilise tone, language and relatability to the reader. Using a company’s vision combined with the products and services they offer, content writers can create engaging content based on those values which leads to a positive increase in a customer’s perception of the brand.

Knowing your Audience

The best copy will feel like a conversation between writer and reader. Articles should have the reader engaged from title to conclusion. In order to effectively hook in a reader, you will need to have some form of understanding of the demographic. Experienced copy creators know how to tailor their texts to an array of different audiences and with this they can cover almost any topic. 

Most audiences expect the content they read to be personalised. This means that if an article simply states the facts in plain English, customers are less likely to find the content engaging. A good copywriter will be able to put forward a product or service and gently nudge the reader towards believing the product is essential for them.


Copywriting is more about the consumer than it is about the company; written articles are there for customers to enjoy. Written articles are designed to enhance the customer’s view of the organisation and they achieve this through engaging and personalised content on each and every subject matter. However, choosing any old copywriter could prove to be a waste of time. Copywriters should ideally have a multifaceted experience in copy creation in order to establish a web of different articles to cover a variety of subject matters.

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