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Who Should I Hire? Digital Marketing Agency vs Freelancer

If your company needs a specific marketing task doing, they may need to consider outsourcing work to another person or creative agency. But, who would be the better choice? Freelancers and digital marketing agencies both have similar pros and advantages that set them apart. It all depends on your specific needs and who will better your strategy. Here is a breakdown of freelancing and creative agencies and the benefits of using them.

What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is a self-employed person that often works short-term contracts for specific jobs. Typically, a freelancer will earn their salary per job, or charge on an hourly/daily basis, possessing the ability to take on other jobs. They are not employed by a company and the freelancer has flexibility on the timeline of the project and how many hours they put in.

Freelancing is a great way to get experience in the marketing agency, including in fields such as graphic design, copy creation and photography. For young people or graduates, it can be hard to get a foot in the door with marketing agencies. Especially if they have little experience. Freelancing means you can gain this valued training and create a portfolio of your own work. From this, a freelancer can then expand their skill range for bigger commercial projects.

Benefits of hiring a freelancer include:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Can Save a Company Time
  • More Diversity

What is a Creative Agency?

A digital marketing agency is a group of marketing professionals who take on multiple clients and companies for various activities. These can include SEO, website development and bespoke illustrations for a marketing strategy. An agency usually will find specific companies and have different individual teams to work for their content. For example, one company can have both social media marketing and copy creation for their website from one creative agency, rather than hiring separate freelancers. 

Though creative agencies are typically more expensive, you are getting a higher quality of work from skilled professionals. As a creative agency will have several clients, there will be a structure in place to successfully onboard new companies. Unlike freelancers, they will have forms and most probably organise regular calls to make sure both sides are happy with the progress. This is key for good levels of communication.

Benefits of using a digital marketing agency:

  • High-Quality Work
  • Various Marketing Resources Available
  • Marketing Professionals With Years of Experience

There are many benefits of using a freelancer, but for high-quality work, why not hire a creative agency for your marketing strategy? Whether this is for social media management or to gain more attention to your website. Professionals will be able to analyse what exactly it is you need and create a concise plan to achieve these goals.

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