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Fostering Creativity and Collaboration with TEDxDoncaster

A branch of the infamous TED brand, TEDxDoncaster came to us in search of a new website and an engaging social media presence. Today, after months of hard work and a fulfilling collaboration, TEDxDoncaster’s brand new website is now LIVE and was built from scratch by our team here at Be My Social.

TEDxDoncaster Social Media

We started crafting and posting engaging graphics and copy for social media, which has increased traffic and engagement on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our mission as a collaborative partnership was to spread the word about TEDxDoncaster and what they stood for and to send clear information to the community about upcoming events and inspiring talks. Our posts centred around the fantastic group of people working behind the scenes at TEDxDoncaster, TED talks happening around the world and innovative topics and discussions that have the power to engage and influence the community.

We designed a number of graphics and templates in order to make the social media posts stand out, all the while keeping in line with the TED branding. 

These simple yet effective designs ensure that TEDxDoncaster’s branding is evident in all posts, and we have a range of different templates for the type of information going out. For a simple image, we ensure that the logo is placed in the top left for consistency and recognisability. 

All of our posts fit the brand effectively, as we always ensure we discuss a range of topics in order to keep customers engaged and interested. Topics include past talks, upcoming events, facts about the team and tips that the local community can incorporate into their daily lives.

Web Development and SEO

Here at Be My Social, we also created a bespoke website completely from scratch. Like the social media posts, this site fits with the TED branding and colour scheme, and we also made sure that it was easy to navigate. With pages such as “About Us,” “Upcoming Events” and “Our Sponsors,” we helped to fully establish the website as a trusted source and site where visitors could find out everything they needed to as efficiently as possible. We included “Get Involved” pages so individuals interested in volunteering or speaking have a direct way to get in touch.

We also create engaging articles to be displayed on the site, which not only improves TEDxDoncaster’s SEO and Google ranking but also provides the social team with more ideas for engaging content, as we work cohesively to bring inspiration and education to the community within Doncaster.

We are incredibly humbled and proud to support such an important organisation, and to be a leading sponsor is a privilege. We cannot wait to see how our partnership grows through the years, and we’re excited to see the fruits of our labour develop and fully cement itself in the heart of the community.

Here at Be My Social, we are a fully comprehensive digital marketing service who are incredibly proud to support small businesses in Doncaster and across the UK. By crafting a new website, managing social media, implementing SEO and providing unique graphic designs, we can help businesses get the start they need to improve their existing brand to a more reputable level. To inquire further, please get in touch with us here.