how to write engaging copy

How To Grab Your Reader’s Attention With Engaging Copy

How do you solve a problem like boring content? An age-old question. Your services might change a person’s life, however, they will never know if they doze off when scrolling. It is important to have an engaging copy in your content, exciting your readers whilst informing them.

Your website will have masses of competitors offering similar products and resources. How do you stand out? By having a higher quality copy of course. There are many ways to achieve this goal. Here are just a few ideas on how to write more engaging copy and attract traffic to your website.

Alternate Your Body Copy Rhythm

No one wants massive paragraphs, just filled with long and droning sentences. Breaking up your text makes it easier for readers to scan the document to find out if it’s for them. 

Think the goldfish-myth. Apparently, a human has an attention span of 8 seconds compared to a goldfish’s 9 seconds. Though this is definitely not true, consider it in your content. You should be able to grab your reader’s attention from the first sentence. Have a strong opening. The rest will follow. If your reader is already bored, they will most probably move away from your page and swim somewhere else in the bowl for content.

Sentence structure is also key in your content. Varying its length, from long descriptive sentences to short and snappy ones can keep your reader entertained. Remember, your reader needs a break. You can’t just follow one long sentence after another. Break it up! Give them a chance to take in what they have just read, before moving on to your next point.

Encourage Feedback For More Engaging Copy

Whether you’re a start-up or a massive conglomerate, your customers should know you are listening to them. Often, a content writer will write about what they’re interested in. Don’t limit yourself. Think about your target audience and what they will most want to know. Looking at key questions that are asked on Google and writing an article answering them, can increase traffic to your website and customer satisfaction.

Also, using social media for feedback is a great way to know what is working for your business. Instagram polls. Twitter surveys. All helpful options to gain quick responses from your target audience. It could tell you what your content should contain; what will interest your fans the most.

Encouraging questions can give you innovative ideas for your next article and makes your audience feel seen. If they suggest a topic and then you write about it the following week, they will feel like they have contributed. And you will have engaged readers.

Higher Quality Copy

There are countless ways how to market your business. One way is to tell a story. Linking your articles, or even social media posts, to create a narrative keeps your audience engaged. If done correctly, they will want to read the next post to find out what happens next. Sticking to a theme and splitting your content into 3 or more articles can keep your audience coming back for me. To finish the collection.

You should also strive to be genuine in your writing. Show that there is a human behind and your company does have a set of values and opinions. Your tone of voice should be constant throughout your writing, showcasing whatever your business sets out to achieve. They need to be consistent for it to work successfully.

Get Better Copy With Be My Social

All these are good options for your web copy, however, who has the time? Having a successful marketing strategy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and constant posts of fresh content to gain a following. For some, it may be worth hiring an outside digital marketing team to invent engaging copy, related to their company and attract traffic.

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