computer of graphic designer making social media template for graphic design

Graphic Design for Your Social Media

Graphic design will allow you to be creative and experiment with visual imagery for your business. Look at how graphic design benefits your social media while keeping in mind how it can benefit different platforms, like video and print. Different platforms and projects require differing graphic design elements, meaning sometimes it is easier to hire a professional graphic designer than to attempt it yourself.

To make sure you are getting the most out of your social media platforms for your business, our experts have put together some tips to help build on your graphic design skills.

Consistency of Branding and Images

Consistency is the main component to creating brand awareness and how successful it is. Consistent branding is achieved by using the same colour scheme, fonts and image style on your social media. When choosing images for your social media platforms, it is crucial to consider whether they match your brand. Many graphic designers strive for all content to match the rest of your brand.

When creating graphics, yourself, try to compose an image that you think your target audience will appreciate. The goal is to make your post-share-worthy, this way it will hit a wider audience. Alternatively, you can hire a professional graphic designer or marketing agency to decide what will work best for your business. Not only will you get expert assistance, but you will also cut costs by not paying out for graphic design tools such as photoshop.

Create Templates

The best place to start when attempting to do your graphics for social media is by creating a template; this will create consistency across your social media pages. Being consistent will put you one step ahead of your competition. You can use graphic design to perpetuate brand identity, meaning that people will associate certain things with your business just from the graphic alone.

As a business owner, you will not always have the time to create the high-quality graphics you want. Running a business is time-consuming; there will be times when you will have to come up with content quickly. For instance, if something has happened in the news relating to your business, you will want to post about it while the story is still relevant.

Create a Variety of Content

Variety is the key to posting quality and shareable content. Most business owners restrict their posts to the same template every week for consistency purposes. This can often leave their social media platforms looking like spam. To grab your audience’s attention, try creating a variety of graphic designs that will appeal to all different types of users.

Text overlays are a popular design feature now on social media. Not only are they attractive to look at, but they also provide your target audience with helpful information about your business. Graphics allow the audience to know within the first moment of seeing the post whether your business is relevant to them, which could lead to a sale if your post has piqued their initial interest.

To see effective graphic design in action, look at some high-profile social media accounts, and you will notice that great graphic designs play a role in getting people interested and creating engagement. Various graphic designers can be found online for you to take inspiration from for your business. Or look at our Instagram @bemysocialuk to see how our graphic designers have constructed our social media platforms.

How We Can Help

Here at Be My Social, we aim to help businesses of all sizes with their marketing needs. We are already supporting brands to improve every aspect of their design, marketing and communications. Our dedicated graphic designers are on hand to help you bring your brand to life with their graphic design skills!

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