Graphic Design Trends: Late 2020

It’s been an interesting year up to yet with a global pandemic that nobody could have predicted. The time spent at home has driven graphic design trends in many unexpected directions – including a long-awaited shift from popular grey tones to taupes and earth tones. With just 3 months remaining of 2020, here are the trends to look out for a take inspiration from.

Heavy Fonts

Minimalism within design has been popular for a while and it doesn’t seem to be heading out the door any time soon. This year we have seen many incredible typography-based designs in the graphic design industry. Heavy-yet-simple fonts with plenty of white space grab an audience’s attention and create a gripping poster, landing page or banner. 

Heavy fonts are a great way to show hierarchy. Pairing a bold typeface with a lighter version shows immediately where to gather the initial information and creates contrast.

Minimalist Landing Pages

Taking the minimalist approach helps to create quicker load times and a modern aesthetic. Being easily compatible with multiple devices also helps google recognise a website and rewards it with better search rankings. A bolder typeface, simple colour palette and soft corners is helping audiences to navigate easily and make for direct information.

Muted & Earth Colours

Moving on from last year’s influx of bright hues and standard grey – this year so far is all about the earth and muted tones. Desaturated colours are easier to match, are simpler to digest and bring a feeling of nostalgia. 

Both typography and imagery are embracing both of these. With a heavy 60s and 70’s influence, both of these pallets are being used in independent design and commercial. 


Abstract, repeat and raw illustrations are here with a modern makeover. With universal access to digital illustration programmes such as Procreate, more and more illustrators are adapting their style to a waste-free alternative. Easier and cheaper than a Wacom, illustrations can be created digitally with different brush types and textures, easy to render and create a quicker turnover. 

Simple shapes and lines are feeding into everyday college and convey a natural approach to directing the eye. Adaptable with colour trends, shapes and lines work alongside heavier typography and help maintain the idea of minimalism. 


Gone are the days we are subject to over-staged photography. With free websites accessing videos and photographs royalty-free, there isn’t an excuse to be creating with bland stock. We are seeing personable approaches to websites, adverts, Instagram and editorial pieces.

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