Help. I need a new website.

You want your brand to appear professional, authoritative, and trustworthy to visitors online. We’re here to help you create the ideal website to achieve your objectives!

Here are a few reasons why you might want to upgrade or update your website:

My Website is old or outdated:

This is an absolute killer. In an age where scams and con-artists are rife, visitors need to have confidence in your site, and there’s nothing worse than a site that looks old or out of date. In order to be trustworthy, it has to be clear that your site is up-to-date, well maintained and modern.

Of course, certain sites will want to have a retro look or evoke a particular era, which is fine, but the ‘bare bones’ functionality should be clear and easy to navigate.

My site pages don’t have a clear CTA:

A ‘Call to Action’ – basically a phrase that could drive a website visitor to take some form of action such as a piece of text or image around a ‘buy now’ button.

You don’t just need a clear call to action, you need something that’s going make your visitors engage with your site in the best way.

My site doesn’t look great/needs to be improved:

We’re all beautiful in our own way. Websites however are not. There are some really ugly examples of web design out there. Even small businesses need to look professional to be successful.

A full website redesign needn’t break the bank.

One of the worst things that can happen is that your customers visit from your pristine social media page, only to find that your site looks about as trustworthy as a 1994 Ford transit with ‘free candy’ written on the outside.

My website isn’t mobile optimised:

Killer. Most of our clients’ visitors in 2020 come from some form of mobile device. If your site looks great on a big screen, but hasn’t been mobile optimised, there’s a chance that it’s unusable on a smaller device.

At BeMySocial, we make sure that our sites deliver a great experience on any device. Responsive, mobile optimised websites aren’t the future… they’re essential to have in place right now.

My site isn’t receiving or keeping visitors:

A range of factors will affect site traffic and conversion. We’re SEO professionals who also understand the importance of user experience (UE). We’ll assist with every aspect of your site to build a strong online profile.

If potential customers visit a landing page and leave without exploring your site, something is potentially very wrong. This is known as ‘bounce rate’ and is a key factor we investigate when monitoring site analytics.

Local businesses will be recognised and rewarded by Google if they consistently write about their work and build relevance to people in their region.

My site doesn’t appear on search engines:

One of our clients was in this position for ten years. Imagine having an established site with little to no visibility on Google for such a long period of time.

There are many ways to fix this and provide Google’s algorithms with confidence that yours is a brand they can trust. There are many reasons why you aren’t hitting page one for your desired search terms. Here are a few:

  • Site load time
  • Site structure
  • Google may be accidentally blocked by your site configuration
  • You don’t have a distinct brand identity to set you apart from competitors
  • High bounce rate is being noticed/penalised by Google
  • Your site’s content wasn’t created with SEO in mind

We’re able to diagnose and fix many of these issues. Get in touch, and we’ll give some initial feedback for free.

My website is no longer supported by the last company I hired:

We’re on hand to help, and our team has expertise in managing sites on a range of platforms – from WordPress to Wix; from Squarespace to Shopify.

We also build and maintain sites coded in raw HTML/PHP. Whatever condition your site has been left in, we can step in to bring your digital presence up-to-date.

My website is difficult to manage or hard to change:

This is a common one – and means that you probably haven’t been able to keep up with SEO optimisation either. We’re on hand to replicate your site structure if needed to ensure that any links to your old site are still valid. If you’re struggling with an uncooperative website, let us migrate it to our systems, we’ll be able to maintain and optimise things much more effectively.

How Much Should A Website Cost in 2020?

It’s important to consider how much buying a new website will cost you or your business. We’re on hand to create simple, SEO-optimised websites starting with a low upfront cost. The price/cost to build will be impacted if you have a large number of pages that need to be created (or recreated).

Expect to pay more if you’re looking to create a complicated site – or something that requires extensive ‘back-end’ functionality/complex content management system (CMS). We’ll create a website that works for you. We’ll even waive the hosting cost for the first few years at least. We’re web hosts for several companies already.

To us, the effectiveness of creating a new website is more important than the cost. Put us to the test, and we’ll prove that we’re a website design agency that cares about your success.

Thanks to a range of online tools, building a basic website is easier than ever. Building a website in the right way that gets results is a much more difficult challenge.

There’s website design, and then there’s user-optimised website design.

Design cost will vary greatly depending on who you have build it and where they are in the world, but we believe that we offer a fantastic balance of price and expertise.

Our total cost will include an SSL certificate to give visitors confidence that your new site is secure. This is important for business websites that want to seem reputable.

You deserve a trusted site maintenance/digital marketing partner who takes time to understand your business and combines the Story/Brand framework with awesome design to get results. We have helped hundreds of businesses just like yours stand out from their competition and develop their business.

Okay, I get it. Now please help, I need a new website!

If you need a new website (or help with your old one), arrange a call today. Fill out our contact form, or even better, click that damn sandwich.