AI is the future of digital marketing.

How Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing Coincide

While we certainly haven’t reached the cyborgs ravaging earth era; artificial intelligence or AI certainly has a hold over our society. AI is already transforming the digital marketing industry as we speak. It helps speed up and optimise many aspects of day-to-day marketing life.

The idea of AI systems taking over is ever present, but the surge in volume comes with a surplus of benefits. This article will explore some of the most effective ways in which AI makes the life of a marketer much easier.

Better Personalisation and Recommendations

Traditional marketing and direct marketing methods are becoming less effective as the clock ticks forward. Mailing systems and traditional media advertising are just two of the former pugilists of the marketing industry, but the leads generated through these circuits are slowly drying out.

The way that consumers interact with brands is changing. We know this because a present day customer desires a more personalised way of engaging. This means that they expect their messages to be based on their location, demographics or interests, so any messages they receive will need to contain something that relates to them on a personal level.

AI enables digital marketing specialists to customise their communications on an individual level rather than the generic target groups that marketers relied on in the past. Artificial intelligence achieves this by predicting customer behavior based on intelligence learned from previous interactions. This means that marketers can send content and marketing communications that are likely to convert a lead into a sale.

This means each time you see a YouTube video recommendation or specific adverts are popping up on your web browser, AI has harvested your online behavioural patterns and has issued you new digital media based on the findings.

Customer Service Chatbots

With messaging services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp becoming an increasingly popular way for customers to contact businesses, it can be hard for brands to tackle such high volumes.

The introduction of chatbots has proved to be incredibly successful for all those who have adopted AI technology. Unlike manpower, chatbots are available every second of every day and can reply almost instantly. 

Chatbots can be programmed to provide set replies to frequently asked questions and to direct a conversation to a human representative if the question is too complex, reducing the workload of actual staff members.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google’s algorithms are changing everyday. With every search on small e-commerce sites and questions typed into the search bar, AI is finding new ways to improve search engines.

AI is becoming increasingly effective at identifying the intent behind a customer’s search query. For example, if you typed apple into Google then AI would determine which result to present to you based on the information harvested from your previous searches and online behavioural patterns.

The same law applies if you search for a restaurant. Over time artificial intelligence has worked out that supplying people with restaurants in their area is more efficient than a restaurant on the other side of the country. If you were to type restaurant into Google, you would be prompted with a sentence finisher “near me” this is search engine optimisation at work.

If You’re Not Already Using AI, You’re Falling Behind

The ultimatum is that if your brand or business isn’t already AI integrated then you are falling far behind your competitors. The online marketing industry and in fact, the world, is falling heavily onto the reliability of computer science.

Advanced AI can seem intimidating, so if you have any questions about where to get started with these digital marketing strategies then get in touch with us at Be My Social.