creative writing to improve seo

How Creative Writing Can Improve SEO

Though the two styles seem to oppose each other, creative writing is essential in improving Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for businesses of all sizes. The two seemingly contradict; SEO is mainly seen as a way to please an algorithm and creative writing used for descriptive and imaginative pieces. However, to improve SEO, businesses should consider incorporating both techniques in their digital marketing and make their profiles more accessible and presentable. 

Know Your Purpose

In both creative writing and SEO, there is a purpose behind the writing. A reason why you are telling this story. In creative writing, it is usually to entertain, to shock, to make someone laugh. But in SEO, the meaning is more straightforward. You are writing to inform. The reason why someone is reading your article comes down to the companies’ SEO digital marketing, allowing audiences to quickly find out their answers. 

A part of SEO is research. Know your target audience and what keywords they might be searching for within their key area of interest. Then, use creative writing to make the piece more innovative and engaging for readers. As a small business SEO company, it is important to make sure keywords are used to harness as much traffic as possible and using descriptive long sentences that can potentially bend genres in the article will help the overall online presence. 

Correct Structure

You may want to consider changing an article’s structure to diversify and stand out against competitors. Breaking up long informative paragraphs could seem more engaging and an easier read than essay-style pieces. 

Using headings can also impact the engagement level, as readers will immediately know what the article will cover and can decide on whether any of these points are interesting. Using keywords in these headings can improve SEO and make the company and website as visible as possible. 

Tell a Story

Writing for a business means having to include certain facts and information. However, this does not mean creative writing structures would not benefit SEO. For example, following a simple creative writing Fabula (An engaging opening, rising action, conclusion), can be adapted for professional use. Every piece should captivate audiences from the first sentence. 

Make sure the opening paragraph explains what the article will be about, but also is engaging and makes the person want to read on. The points in between need to maintain this attention, using descriptive and informative words. The conclusion should be as strong as the opening and sum up what has been said throughout the piece. It’s important to improve SEO throughout, making sure keywords are scattered throughout, however, the bulk will rely on creativity. 

Freedom in Your Writing

It might seem counterintuitive, but using both styles can not only improve SEO in businesses but also your own writing and allows your creative juices to run wild. SEO in digital marketing, at the heart of it, helps businesses be visible on search engines by using innovative ways such as keywords in articles. 

To some, this could feel restrictive, as you have to include certain information for the article to be deemed a success, however, this is not the case. The topic, genre, purpose of the story is all down to the content writer. Though the company has commissioned this, the writer has full range on what they want to talk about and what, in their opinion, will attract the most attention online. 

Creative writing is essential as there may be cases where the topics are something the content writer is not aware of. Therefore, innovative ways can be used to make sure articles are still informative and engage well with the target audience.

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