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How Social Media and SEO Work Together

When you’re just starting out as a business; most people know that a good, noticeable online presence is incredibly important to thrive in this day and age. When turning to a marketing service, most business owners will look to simple social media management and forget completely about their website and effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. In fact, the two can go hand in hand, especially if you’re looking to get noticed online. As a fully comprehensive social media management company, we’re here to help.

Here at Be My Social, we’re experts in implementing effective digital marketing strategies, such as web development, social media content marketing and SEO services. We can help you improve on your search engine rankings, as well as developing your brand and encouraging more people to engage with your social media channels, creating professional copy and graphic designs. Want to learn more? Read our latest article below.

Linking Articles to Social Media Posts

Like any social media consultant will tell you; engagement and adhering to brand guidelines is key when operating social media platforms. Your target audience like uniformity in your posts, and changing too often can disinterest them. Although visual imagery proves popular on social networking sites such as Facebook, linking to blog posts not only give the audience more information, but boosts SEO to.

By linking to blog posts on social media, you can increase traffic to your site, which Google loves to see. This can give you authority over what you sell or what service you provide, allowing your SEO score to increase. SEO might not have even crossed your mind, but it can be a great asset. To discover our full range of services, please visit us here.

Social Sharing Leads to Backlinking

Just think about how many people use social media. 2.89 billion people worldwide log on to their chosen social media platform each day, and that number is increasing. Therefore, sharing links to blog posts or articles on social media can potentially reach millions of people; especially if the content is engaging.

You never know who might find your written copy; influential people and businesses alike are constantly trawling their feed for something exciting to share, and your post might be one of those posts. This can increase traffic to your site, which not only leads to revenue, but higher rankings on Google too. Not only do we provide SEO in Doncaster, we offer our services nationwide, specialising in a range of different industries.

Increased Brand Awareness Means Increased SEO

Brand awareness is essential to the growth and visibility of your business. The colour scheme, the tone of voice, the content; it all works together to create a successful brand that your target audience are sure to remember. By increasing your brand awareness on social media, you’re encouraging more people to visit your site, which in turn leads to more traffic and a well-deserved SEO boost.

Here at Be My Social, we know how important a good SEO and social media strategy is to improving the success of your business. We can also create informative, eye catching advertisements in order to increase revenue, and if you find yourself needing a new website, we can create one completely from scratch. To find out more, you can contact us directly by filling out our online form.