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How to Write Engaging Content

When you’re trying to establish a brand presence online, it’s important that you make sure everything is working in harmony, operating efficiently and attracting your target audience. As well as web design, social media management and the graphic design of the imagery, the creation of content can be the make or break of how successful your business is online. Although you can conduct this yourself, it might be worth turning to a digital marketing agency.

A company who also operates a content creation service can craft the copy for your website, as well as write informative and engaging blog posts, in order to improve search engine optimisation (SEO) and boost your search engine rankings. Be My Social provide search engine optimisation in Doncaster and beyond, managing your website copy and crafting engaging articles related to your brand.

Wondering how you can improve your brand with high quality content? Read our article below. 

Establish your Brand and Audience

When you craft your general copy and articles, you’re writing with a specific audience in mind. For instance, if you sell cakes and muffins, you’ll need to write content aimed at baking enthusiasts and cake lovers. Obviously they’ll be interested in cakes, so make sure the topic of your articles make this clear. However, in order to fully understand your target audience, you’ll need to do some research into who usually buys your product.

Once you’ve done this, consider the tone of voice and formality of the piece. If you’re writing for a higher end audience, you’re going to want to be formal and informative. When you’re more of a fun brand, audiences like reading pieces like that make them feel like they’re chatting with an old friend. If you’re writing your articles yourself, you know your clients better than anyone, so make sure you incorporate your knowledge as much as possible. If you turn to a content marketing agency for some advice, their team will look into your brand and treat it with respect and care whenever they craft your copy.

Here at Be My Social, our dedicated team can help create content and articles with your brand and audience at the forefront of their minds at all times. Based in Doncaster, our search engine optimisation services can help you with link building. They can also provide your audience with all the information they need.

Implement SEO Keywords for your Content Strategy

Once you’ve thought about your audience and a topic, you need to implement as many keywords as possible. Keywords refer to the search terms your target audience are typing into Google to find your website. With good SEO, you can rank higher on search engines, and this in turn increases traffic to your site.

Here at Be My Social, we use a service called Semrush to conduct a full service SEO campaign. Crafting articles full of keywords and SEO criteria allows your website to rank higher and become more visible. As a full service marketing agency, we help your brand generate revenue, allowing you to grow as a business.

Add Images

Whether this is a featured image or they’re scattered throughout a post, images add so much extra. With the implementation of alt tags, they can help search engines recognise your site as a reliable, professional source. 

Images of your products are usually the best to include, as they give a potential audience a look into what you sell. Paired with a blog post, your written piece entices an audience and can keep them on your page for longer. Here at Be My Social, we can craft engaging, SEO-fuelled content in order to improve your ranking on search engines. As a full service marketing agency, we can write content, as well as service your website’s SEO.

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