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How Your SEO Campaign Pleases Google

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important element of any marketing strategy. An effective SEO campaign allows a business to receive organic reach in a cost-effective way. It is important to understand why you are using certain SEO aspects and how to make your website crawlable for Google.

Let’s face it. Google pretty much decides everything on the internet. There are other search engines, but can anyone say that you “Bing” a question?

A successful SEO campaign will provide methods specifically that will please Google. Some are more noticeable than others. But, Google bots will not appreciate it if you overdo it. There is a knack to it. Check out this helpful list on how to implement SEO in order to rank high on Google.


When you post new content on the internet, Google bots will crawl the specific pages to value its worth. It wants to make sure that your website has authority and relevance, so it can decide where you should be ranked on SERP. This is why content should be both relevant to your business and fully optimised with keywords. So, say you are a local floristry business. You would want to rank for terms such as ‘florist’ or ‘floral arrangements’, along with the town you operate in. Write an article about it. Make sure they are included in your ‘about us’ copy. Bots will then index your website and see this relevance.

Another way to show relevance is by adding internal and external links to your content. Backlinks showcase that you are connected to other websites, hereby proving authority. Internal linking also helps bots crawl your website at a quicker rate; as you are essentially giving them a guide, much like a sitemap. Both content and on-page are important to any SEO campaign.


Your website needs to function. Seems pretty simple, right? If your website is not user-friendly, they will most likely leave your website and find one that is. Even if your site is more relevant. An SEO campaign will help this, as specialists will undertake regular site audits. It will flag any errors or potential risks; like your page load speed. If this is too slow, again. Chances are you will lose a potential customer.

Technical SEO is just as important as your content quality. Content is king, but it wouldn’t be able to rule without its usability court. Audits ensure you are aware of any potential flaws, so you can efficiently solve any issues and help you rise the ranks on Google.


From 2018, Google has made it clear that they will rank how mobile-friendly a website is, rather than just on a desktop. Phones are slowly becoming more advanced than say a computer or laptop. They are becoming an all-in-one device. Many users will scroll through websites, or Google questions, on their phone; instead of switching to a PC. So, it is important that a website can switch to a mobile-friendly version that is easy to format..

If a website is difficult to read on a smaller screen, chances are a user will go off that website and find a different one. Make sure your technical SEO campaign includes mobile-friendly layouts, as this will help rank your company higher.

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