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Why Illustration Design is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Is your company distinct from others in its field? Do you want people to recognise and remember your brand? Well, illustration design might be your best tool.

Many people hold inaccurate assumptions about illustration, assuming that it belongs solely to the realm of art and has nothing to do with business. Yet, in a society where we are all glued to our screens, today’s digital illustration is all about business. This archaic viewpoint holds your company back and makes it less profitable.

No matter how great and artistic an illustration appears to be, it is a marketing tool. Its mission is to promote business, provide knowledge, and attract new individuals.

So, check out this article on ways illustration design can improve your business and its marketing campaign.


Chances are, there is another company out there that offers the same services that you provide. However, the goal is to stand out from the rest of the competition with engaging and recognisable marketing tools. Like, you guessed it, illustration design.

That’s why marketing is such a big and important industry. You want to create an emotional connection and trust between yourself and your customer base. And, illustration and graphic design is a surprisingly simple and cost-effective approach to brand advertising.

Illustration design is a fantastic way to communicate. These design elements are instantly recognisable; make difficult subjects easy to understand; inspire trust, and are easily remembered due to their visual simplicity. It’s a psychological aspect of human visual perception that all savvy marketers take advantage of.


The same goes for advertising. Though the majority of business is online, that does not stop companies from networking that business events. Illustrations on business cards, booklets, pamphlets and posters can effectively and uniquely showcase your brand, leaving a lasting impression.

Good design elements can make promotional materials so appealing that customers will find it difficult to throw them away – at least not right away. As a result, they’ll maintain your promotions for a long time, which is great for you.

Online Presence

It’s becoming increasingly tough to stand out among the crowd online. Whether it’s a website, landing page, or social media profile, unique graphics and illustrations are a wonderful way to make your company’s online presence interesting.

Illustration design brings life to materials and creates an emotional connection with them. Custom graphics enhance conversion rates by at least 7% on a website. They are targeted to a specific audience (customer-oriented), emotionally engaging, and make the interface more user-friendly.

At Be My Social, our graphic designers and illustrators make sure to have fun with our social media profiles. Instead of the typical photos, our illustrators implement a fun cartoon style throughout posts; including characters based on our staff members. Not only does this stand out from other social media marketing agencies, but it also helps boost our overall company culture by highlighting team members who have gone above and beyond.

Our Services

Be My Social is a local marketing company that offers a wide of services to improve a business and help it gain more traffic. Our team of specialists span various resources; including advertising, copy creation, graphic design and illustrators who can create bespoke designs. Whatever your company needs, we can deliver materials that are punctual and of high quality. For more information, or to see how we can help, fill in our online form. Or, check out our very own illustration design on our social media platforms; Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Find out all our latest news straight to your feed.