SEO tracking tools

Is Your Business Using SEO Tracking Tools?

If the internet does not come into your daily life, you are more than likely living under a rock. As most of you are aware, social media and the internet occupy a substantial portion of our daily lives. In a world reliant on technology to carry out our tasks; how can we start to maximise the efficiency of our online operations? SEO tracking tools are a great way to start.

Why Does Efficiency Matter?

Go to the CEO of a company from a variety of different industries and they will all preach the importance of efficiency throughout all the tiers in which a business operates.

In short, efficiency accounts for a number of aspects that tie into how your business performs economically, how well your workforce operates and most importantly; how your brand is perceived.

Tracking software is the epitome of efficiency. Platforms such as SEMrush are designed for companies to keep track of their keywords through position tracking and SERP analytics.

Be My Social is more than a digital marketing agency. Amongst all of our online functions, we are an established Doncaster SEO company.

This article will explore the avenues of SEO tracking software and how they support a business on the road to complete efficiency.

SEO Tracking Tools

If your business relies on a website to draw in traffic, you’ll depend heavily on the utilisation of search engine optimisation.

Local search results can be difficult to get on top of. Companies like Amazon will always dominate page number one of Google’s SERPs due to the sheer size and magnitude of the company. For smaller local and regional businesses, web pages must be finely tuned to earn a worthy local ranking.

Users depend on SERPs to find the answers to their problems, the stats are there to back it up. In 2020, it was reported that around 3.5 million questions were typed into Google’s search bar per day.

If your business fails to establish prominence on SERPs; you’re effectively handing your potential website traffic, customers, credibility and recognition over to your competitors.

Commonly used tracking tools include:

Google Analytics

A platform used to identify the search patterns of users; allowing companies to see how people interact with a website via data such as bounce rate and session time. 


This program is used to target the newest – most relevant keywords, get updates on current keywords and to analyse competitor backlink profiles.


Used to identify topics that your audience will find interest in, track keyword rankings, brand mentions and gain on oversight of content reach.


There is no better marketing tool in the world today than the internet. Monitoring the efficiency of your brand’s digital marketing and SEO strategies has never been easier through the various channels and online tracking tools at your disposal.

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