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January Marketing Ideas to Kickstart 2021: FREE Download!

This upcoming January isn’t just the start of a new year, it’s the beginning of a new decade! So start your decade off with a fresh start, not just for your new year’s resolution, but on your social networks too. And hey, if you don’t have any at all it gives you a good reason to create some social media profiles, right? 

January Marketing Ideas

Most people will make a new year’s resolution – but less than 25% of the population actually follow through. Even if people don’t stick to it, they make a conscious effort to do so – so what resolution would your target audience have in common; Being eco friendly, going on a diet or even finding a new hobby?

If there is a resolution that would keep them in common, how can you aid them in making and keeping it; Could you create blog posts, Instagram stories, video content or even sneak peek photos and videos?

If your business does not have any resolutions that resonate with an audience, or it’s a strategy that doesn’t work for you then we have lots more social media ideas for you to choose from. (Even a pre-made social media calendar for January 2021)

New Years Resolutions Ideas

Tap into the new year’s resolution market for 2021, do any of these resonate with your audience? Here’s the most common list (Data from 2019 UK, by Statista)

  1. More Exercise / Improving Fitness (47%)
  2. Losing Weight (44%)
  3. Improving Their Diet (41%)
  4. Saving More Money (31%)
  5. Taking Up A New Hobby (18%)

Is there anything that you could adapt to your audience or use in your social media strategy? The platforms that best connect with your audience on a personal level, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram would be the best way to find user-generated content too!

January ‘Months’ Ideas

Do any of these months resonate with your business and audience?

  1. Dry January 2021
  2. Good Care Month 2021
  3. Veganuary Month 2021
  4. Hobby Month 2021
  5. Get Organised Month 2021
  6. Big Schools Birdwatch 2021

If they do plan a promotion that could include year celebrations, blog posts, sales, pieces of content, contests, participation in social media trends and more! 

January Weekly Holidays

All of these last a week, so be sure to plan ahead to not miss them. Featuring these on your social media platforms will give you a boost in engagement.

  1. Houseplant Week UK 2021 (January 11th – 17th)
  2. Sugar Awareness Week 2021 (January 18th – 24th)
  3. Big Energy Saving Week 2021 (January 18th – 24th)
  4. Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2021 (January 18th – 24th)
  5. National Storytelling Week 2021 (January 30th – February 6th)

If these don’t work for you, there are more weekly holidays in the Planner!

January International Days

The big national day in January is New Year’s Day (January 1), as it sets the tone for the first few weeks of the year!

  1. Festival Of Sleep Day (January 3rd)
  2. Paget’s Awareness Day (January 11th)
  3. Winnie The Pooh Day (January 18th)
  4. Brew Monday (January 18th)
  5. Blue Monday (January 18th)
  6. Burns Night (January 25th)

All of these National Days are specific to the UK too, so if by chance you aren’t from the uk be sure to check for days native to you!

Free Social Media Planning Document 

What do you think? Which January marketing ideas will YOU use?

Grab the free January one-sheet content calendar. One prompt per day, plus room to write in your own ideas on how to use it. Digital marketing is made easy!

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