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Making your Website and Marketing Campaign Work Together

When businesses think of a successful marketing campaign to help improve traffic and revenue, they usually put it down to good social media advertising and digital marketing through online engagement. Although these are the main aspects you need to be focusing on, your web design and structure can play a big part in customer satisfaction. Your existing clientele and target audience need to be interested and engaged if you want them to return. Therefore, there are certain steps you need to follow. 

Content creation, website design and quick loading times all contribute to the online success of your business. Although a good social media engagement and content marketing campaign is important, you should never neglect your website, as this is where you’ll make most of your sales. Read our article below to see how you can improve the experience for your clients.

Copy Creation & Web Design

Writing engaging, informative copy for your websites has a range of highly recommended benefits. Not only does it set the tone and brand for your online presence, but it also lets customers know more about your products and who you are as a business. Blog posts and webpage copy alike provide context to products, and allow the customer to discover more about the item they’re interested in.

Writing copy also helps improve onsite national and local SEO, depending on where you want to operate. Including keywords that your audiences are searching allows you to rank higher on search engines such as Google. This makes you more recognisable and visible in an increasingly competitive world. Here at Be My Social we provide full service SEO in Doncaster and beyond. We use a service called Semrush to highlight which keywords you could be improving on, helping national and local businesses make their name online.

Product Advertisement

When it comes to successful web design, you need to highlight your best selling products or services on the landing page. If you have any “starring” products, or items that you’d like to sell more of, make sure you advertise them as much as possible on your website. This can be done through both imagery and written copy, as it can be turned into a keyword and made visible to those who are actively seeking it.

As a marketing service, we can provide social media management, web design and copy creation to all kinds of businesses across the country. We can develop an effective marketing strategy to allow your business to thrive in a more technologically advanced age. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.

Easy Navigation

One fault in a website that can make potential customers turn off is if the servers make the site slow, or if it’s difficult to navigate. You need to ensure that the different tabs are easy to understand so customers can locate exactly what they need without any fuss. This makes it clear to a target audience that you are a business who cares about their customers and making life that little bit easier for them. This in turn encourages people to come back to your site, increasing revenue and traffic.

Here at Be My Social, our web design services enable your site to operate efficiently with the customers needs in mind. Combined with copy creation and effective social media management, we can help your marketing campaigns run smoothly. To find out more, please reach out to us here.