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mistakes to avoid on an seo campaign

What Mistakes Should You Avoid in Your SEO Campaign?

For every company’s marketing campaign, it is important to consider several factors. What is the best way to fully showcase our set of values through marketing features? Social media and advertising are a great way to increase traffic, but an SEO campaign will make your website trustworthy in the eyes of Google. Helping out your place on search engines everywhere. Continue reading for a helpful list of mistakes you should avoid on your next SEO campaign.

Too Little Copy

Ever heard the phrase ‘content is king’? Because this is an understatement. Your business and its online presence rely on good copy to maintain an audience and increase traffic to websites. Your products might be incredible, but how are people going to find them if the marketing material surrounding them doesn’t persuade them to look? Content should be fully optimised, through the use of keywords and the incorporation of inbound traffic.

It is important to remember to update your copy regularly. Make sure your content remains fresh by changing product descriptions or service pages. Also, it is a great idea to add a blog or news page to your website. This way you can add fully optimised articles weekly; making sure your keywords are added in a very organic and natural way. In addition, catering your articles to topics that your audience are interested in, could potentially boost sales and website traffic.

Undermining the Importance of Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes looking at how many people are going onto a website and analysing how to improve this. This includes using tools such as Google Analytics and SEO tracking systems like SERanking

It is important to use Google Analytics as you can pinpoint where the traffic is coming from and how different users interact with your website. This means you can see which pages are most popular and make sure your marketing material directs audiences to the best selling products. Or, optimise other pages to the same level to even out the website. 

Most may think that SEO is primarily writing articles, but technical is equally important as you get a full report on what is working and what needs improving.

Also, ensure the faults are addressed quickly and efficiently for optimal usage. Features such as making a website mobile-friendly are important, as this is a major factor for Google. SEO is primarily pleasing the Google algorithm, so make sure you keep up to date with the latest regulations and ranking features.

Trying it Yourself

Though it might seem simple, implementing an effective SEO campaign is harder than you’d first think. However, a technical and content SEO strategy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for Google bots to crawl your website, ensuring that it is reliable. But, once you rank high for a particular keyword, it is hard to lose this placing.

Consider hiring a digital marketing company that can fully focus on your SEO campaign. SEO specialists will concentrate on how to improve your rankings, giving you monthly updates and showing you how they are improving your online presence. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business and leaves the optimisation to professionals.

Our Services

Here at Be My Social, we are a digital marketing agency that focuses on delivering an effective SEO campaign for our clients. Through high-quality customer service, our team specialises in varying fields; all around the marketing industry. Whether it be social media management, advertising and email marketing, or an overall technical and content SEO strategy. Be My Social are here to help! We will work closely with you to make sure your company is getting the right work for your set of values.

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