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Social Media Works, Here’s How to Show Your Boss

Is your boss behind with current marketing techniques, or just plain refusing to take them on board? At Be My Social we offer social media management to businesses around the country, based in Doncaster. 

We understand that trying to convince your boss to invest in social media is a difficult conversation. That’s why we’ve done some research for you and found some talking points to help you prepare. (You can thank us later)

Your boss could be the head of marketing, or the owner. That doesn’t mean they understand how a social media management company can help! We can make the businesses marketing goals go through the roof and boost your business forward. Here are a few ways you can get the support of your boss for the social media marketing efforts:

Social media is growing up!

Gone are the days of posting drunk photos, the new era of social media has begun. Most social networking sites are over 15 years old, so the community that used them has grown with them. On websites such as Facebook and Instagram, marketing campaigns are the most prominent content you see – whether you notice that or not. Influencer marketing can be the biggest form of strategy you see without noticing, look for the word ‘ad’ in their hashtags.

To connect with your ideal target audience!

Your boss may still think that teenagers rule social media. In some cases it is catered to a younger audience, but for the major platforms it’s far from the truth! 

If your target audience was born after 1980, data shows that people communicate on social instead of traditional texting. Since younger audiences now spend more money online, it’s important that you’re active on social – even if you work with a social media agency.

If you are unsuccessful selling on social due to the nature of your product or service, having strong brand awareness makes a huge impact.

Digital advertising is on the rise!

Recent data discovered by eMarketer shows that ‘Digital ad spend is expected to surpass television advertising’. To be a stronger figure in the digital world, companies are moving their advertising budgets to reach customers online. Facebook’s earnings prove that companies are seeing social ads are improving customer retention, acquisition, and driving revenue growth.

Content is what makes it work!

Having consistency can result in hitting goals – which is why you need to explain this to your boss. Having content is the key to mastering social media marketing. Depending on the networks you are working on however, for Instagram you will need to be more visual. Matching the audience on the site – you have to tailor your regular content.

Customers look out for amazing content from companies like yourself, and they expect it to be regular. When customers find you haven’t posted in months, it’s likely they won’t complete a sale because of the brand presence. Our team in Doncaster takes the time to do the work you need to spend those precious hours on.

Closing the deal

Social media is potential goldmine for revenue driving. It gives your business a wealth of opportunities to create authentic customer relationships. Improving customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction, and increasing revenue! Digital marketing works, and having solid social media strategies increases the likelihood of creating that. Our marketing agency in Doncaster can provide you with solutions for web design and offer a full management service. 

All of these elements are extremely important to your boss. Effectively communicating how social media can achieve these business objectives will help you create a conversation that can’t be missed. 

Now put your marketing strategy together and schedule that meeting. Get in contact with us here at Be My Social to learn more.