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Spotify Advertisement

Spotify Advertisement

Our Spotify Adverts are recorded in a high-quality studio. We have the ability to script, create and upload a Spotify advertisement for your business.

Here at Be My Social, we are able to create and upload Spotify adverts for you. There are multiple different types of ads on Spotify which we can play and each come with their own benefits.

Spotify can be a great platform for advertising because usually when someone is listening to music they become focused on the beat and an interruption from the beat is a great way to grab their attention.

Available Advert Types

These adverts are the simplest adverts available to upload. This method of advertisement is good as it means that your ad will reach your target audience no matter the device. The way your ads show is by playing in between songs when the users are active on the platform. You also get a clickable button that people can click to go to the target URL. If you want to try advertising then this method will help you understand who listens to your ad and who converts.

These adverts display solely on mobile and tablet. Sponsored sessions play 30 minutes of uninterrupted music as a trade-off for the user watching a full-length advertisement. This method works well if you have an ad that you know converts.

These advertisements play on mobile and tablet only and instead of just listening to the audio, the user gets a complete video for more of a premium experience. This helps as the user becomes more engaged with the advertisement and it comes with a clickable companion unit so Spotify users can click to go to your target URL.

On desktop and the web, this advertisement is one which shows on the leaderboard for 30 seconds.

The overlay advert is a fixed point image that displays when someone returns to the application. It kind of mimics a banner ad that you would usually see on an app.

This advertisement only works on a desktop as a standard display advert. It works by giving you a spot on Spotify’s homepage for a day with a clickable advert. You can include interactive elements to make the ad more engaging.

A sponsored playlist works on every platform and has the largest outreach by serving as a sponsor of Spotify. Your ad’s display on Spotify’s sponsored playlist. Its a lot like you are investing in real estate with this advert placement.


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