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The Best Content for Different Social Media Channels

When it comes to operating your social media platforms, it’s important to note exactly what the audience on that specific channel expects. Your target audience is an integral part of your social media campaign, and if they aren’t engaging, then your social media presence will deplete.

Implementing a successful social media strategy all depends on the content you are putting out and how well your audience are reacting to it. Having excellent brand awareness makes your business more recognisable online, and can establish your brand as a professional company.

Be My Social provides social media management in South Yorkshire and beyond, implementing efficient social media marketing strategies to ensure that businesses get the traffic that they need.


Facebook is the most widely used social media platform for businesses, with 93.7% of companies opting to push out content there. When it comes to the best performing content on Facebook pages, videos always garner the most attention, taking up 81.8% of all posts.

When attempting to attract and engage your target audience, make sure that your content relates to them specifically. Once you’re established exactly who your target audience is in your business proposal, craft your content around them. Monitor the engagement so that you’re aware of what is performing well.

Be My Social is on hand to provide social media help in Doncaster and beyond, ensuring that your audience and their overall engagement with your posts is a priority.


Unlike Facebook, Twitter users prefer images over videos, but they prefer text over anything else. When it comes to promoting your brand, 92% of engagement with businesses comes when the tweets have links attached.

Another way to boost your Twitter engagement is by asking questions and creating polls. Effective social media campaigns depend on interaction with your posts and how many people they reach, so creating engaging content is vital. Also, talking directly to your audience creates a more personal experience and creates a good reputation for your business.


Of course, the most popular form of content for Instagram is images. Their whole premise surrounds images and video content, so if you’re thinking of using Instagram, make sure that you have something visibly appealing to put out.

Instagram isn’t always a choice for everyone. Out of all of the social network platforms available, it is probably one of the least used by businesses, particularly more professional companies. If you do choose Instagram, make sure that your content is engaging and sticks to your brand.

Reputable for providing successful social media management in South Yorkshire and across the country, Be My Social live and breathe social content. We can analyse your target audience and produce content suitable for them and the platform they are using.


Despite TikTok being the youngest of the social media channels mentioned, it’s popularity is increasing day by day. Mainly used by young teenagers, TikTok is a channel for video content which can be adorned with music, text and funny gimmicks.

If your target audience is predominantly young people and you have enough visual content to make videos, then TikTok might be a good choice for exposure. The more people like and share your videos, the more traffic your business attracts.

If your brand is established mainly with the older generation in mind, or it doesn’t provide a lot of visual content, then it’s probably best to stick to Facebook and Twitter. Knowing your audience is incredibly important when it comes to choosing the right social media platforms for you.

In Conclusion

Providing social media management in South Yorkshire and beyond is just one of the many services we are currently providing to businesses nationwide. We have the ability to identify your target audience and craft content specifically for them. We understand that their satisfaction is key, and we can use this knowledge to your advantage.

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