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What are the Best Social Media Services for 2022?

Ah, 2021. You will not be missed. As the world remained inside and businesses online, social media platforms were frequently used with endless scrolling as the pandemic grew. Social media management services analyse and discover the latest trends and campaigns to make businesses both relatable and current. Using these social media services is a sure way to increase traffic to your website, content and services.

Having a successful social media marketing strategy can help widen your demographic also, reaching new audiences that wouldn’t be possible without the platforms. Going into 2022, social media trends to watch include short-form video content, made popular on TikTok and live-streaming video, for example, Instagram or Twitch. Read below for a list of social media platforms and how they can help market and advertise your company.


  • 350 + million users (17.55 million in the UK)
  • Formed in 2006
  • Main Demographic: Male 68.1%, 25-34 38%

From hashtags to pinned tweets, Twitter offers a lot of features that can be optimised for effective social media marketing, specifically for businesses. This includes Twitter advertising. It spans various demographics and reaches millions day-to-day and definitely should be considered to promote companies. There are many ways to improve Twitter and increase traffic to websites.

Similar to Instagram. hashtags are a great way to stay up-to-date with current affairs and increase visibility with relatable topics. Each day, Twitter showcases what hashtag is most popular and trending. Looking at this list can give you ideas on the content you publish on social media marketing services, such as Twitter. You can easily reach national and international audiences that otherwise would not see your brand by joining in with communal hashtags. Typical hashtags such as #throwbackthursday and #motivationmonday can easily be catered towards your own business and create a structure for your Twitter where customers can expect new content each week.

Live-tweeting is also a way to get your content trending on Twitter. Reacting to current affairs, whether it be entertainment, politics or business-related as they are happening creates a conversation between you and your followers. It shows audiences that you are active on your social media; that there are humans behind the business. Also, if you have your own business event, by creating a hashtag, your followers can react live and spread a buzz.


  • 2 + billion users (44.84 million in the UK)
  • Formed in 2004
  • Main Demographic: Women 52%, Under 35 65%

A Facebook business page is a free way to showcase what your company has to offer. Much like a personal Facebook, you can receive and send direct messages with clients or potential customers, informing your audience with daily updates and sharing relevant content.

Social media is an effective method of increasing traffic to your website, through the use of keywords and SEO. Apart from paid ads, social media pages are the highest results on search engine pages. Using your keywords in daily Facebook posts can attract audiences to your social media that otherwise would not know about your business. Facebook Ads are also very effective.

Throughout your social media marketing strategy, you should make sure information is up-to-date and refreshed frequently. And this is no exception for Facebook. Hiring a social media marketing team can ease this worry and allow you to focus on other parts of the business. These services have trained professionals that understand how to successfully market your company and find ways to engage with your target audiences.


  • 1 + billion users (3.7 million in the UK)
  • Formed in 2016
  • Main Demographic: Women 58.4%, Under 21 69%

The newest platform on this list, TikTok has risen through the ranks and currently has 1.1 billion subscribers. Many people may think it is just for viral dances and funny dog videos, but no. It has cemented its place for businesses to reach a wider demographic, creating original content to attract potential clients and highlight the strengths of the company. With new features, TikTok should be considered for all businesses wanting to grow.

It is important to post regular videos for your account to be successful. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your account will not gain instant followers without some sort of weekly content. Having a social media calendar can help plan and organise your videos. Make them relevant to what is trending that week, or link them to upcoming social events such as International Women’s Day or Earth day. Tailoring your content allows your business to stay current and fresh, not just recycling the same products on repeat.

You can engage with your audiences by live streaming and interacting with polls and questions. It is a quick way to get instant feedback and understand what is working for your company. Like a website, you can also analyse the statistics on views, likes and new followers. If there are low likes on one video, you know to not post that sort of content again, focusing more on how to improve and gain more attention. For those unfamiliar with TikTok and the latest video trends, you should consider working with a specialized social media management company, which will have dedicated teams for each platform, including TikTok.

Social Media Services

It is vital for business owners and staff to understand the importance of implementing a social media marketing strategy. However, companies may not have enough resources to optimise platforms for successful growth and may rely on a social media management business to take the reins.

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