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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Engagement

To build any brand’s online presence, you need to create an engaging, active social media plan and presence. Social media marketing campaigns can range from daily posts and client success stories about products to giveaways and polls. Whatever you decide upon, it needs to draw traffic and user engagement to your channels. To accomplish this, it might be worth consulting a digital marketing agency, like our services in social media management in Doncaster

Here at Be My Social, we provide businesses with social media management in Doncaster and across the country. Accompanied with excellent graphic design and full service social media strategies, we can offer you around the clock management at a bespoke price. However, there are few rules you need to follow yourself, first and foremost. 

Do: Post Regularly

There’s nothing worse in a marketing and engagement campaign than stale social media platforms. An account that hardly posts can drive away traffic, and you will quickly see a decline in analytics. The most successful online brands have a prominent presence on social media, especially if they offer incentives and giveaways. 

To keep on top of your customers’ expectations and to keep them interested, you must post regularly. We understand how difficult this can be, especially when you’re trying to run a business. Therefore, our expert team of social media executives are here to help. Based in Doncaster, we offer management and engagement services to brands across the UK.

Don’t: Ignore Complaints

A tempting option when you receive a disgruntled client online is to ignore them. Even by doing so, their comment won’t disappear, and potential customers will notice your lack of reply. Therefore, it’s best to deal with the complaint with understanding and a polite nature. Don’t be abrasive and defensive, as this can show your unwillingness to cooperate. Most people with issues will accept a gracious apology and explanation. If they don’t, no one can say you didn’t try.

In business, you will get difficult customers online. Here at Be My Social, our experience as a marketing agency means we’re accustomed to dealing with complaints, and  can handle comments with professionalism.

Do: Engage With Clients and Customers

If a customer has commented on one of your posts with a question, don’t ignore them. Even if it’s just a standard reply, asking them to send you a message for instance, it’s still a reply. A lack of communication between business and client can be off-putting, so you therefore need to establish that relationship with everyone you come into contact with.

Don’t: Constantly Rebrand

Changing your colour scheme and logo multiple times in the early stage of your business is normal. But if you’re prone to it once you’re fully established, it can be confusing to customers. By sticking to one brand, you become instantly recognisable, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Here at Be My Social, our marketing agency provides social media management in Doncaster, offering services to businesses across the country. If you would like more information, please fill out our online form here.