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The Importance of Custom Illustrations | Be My Social

There are thousands of businesses competing for attention in online spaces. Staying ahead of the curve means knowing how to ensure that the content that you put out gets attention. But how can we achieve this? The short answer is; unique illustrations. 

Artists, Illustrators and visual designers are in high demand to create striking imagery for use online and on social media. Ensuring that your brand is unique and eye-catching is half the battle when it comes to effective online advertising. 

Despite this, finding an illustration artist can be harder than you think. You’re unlikely to find them in an art gallery, as they tend to cater more to fine art. Looking around online more often than not turns up freelancers who vary wildly in skill level. They may have little to no experience producing work for professional advertisement campaigns. 

This is why creative firms often bring on full-time resident artists to handle any illustrative work that might be needed by various clients. It eliminates the need for expensive freelancer rates and ensures consistently high-quality imagery. This means that future work can be produced in the same style as the originals via the same artist.

Be My Social produces high-quality illustrations in Doncaster to meet the needs of local businesses looking for ways to expand their online reach. Having illustrators integrated into the design team means we are able to work closely with a social team to create the perfect content for a given brand.

Capturing a viewer’s attention

The human brain has evolved to recognise colours, shapes and patterns. You can see this reflected in the choices designers use when they create visuals. Using illustrated characters can make a promotional piece seem more friendly and light-hearted. Choices of colour can define whether an image is warm and inviting or sleek and modern. We have these involuntary, subconscious reactions to visual design, that artists in all industries utilize to create strong, effective imagery. 

Seeing custom illustrations with a bold or unique art style makes it more memorable to viewers that see them. As a result, the company, product, or page that posted those visuals becomes more memorable too by association. 

This makes custom illustrations a perfect fit for use in advertising; drawing people in with interesting visuals and fresh ideas as opposed to generic, homogenized ad campaigns that lack the same creative energy and enthusiasm. Encouraging organic growth online requires more than just delivering a quality service or product. The visual design is what will capture people’s attention and get them onto your account page to learn about your brand in the first place.

Unique Imagery that people will remember

We all know that sales are important. However, equally important to marketing is how you can occupy the minds of potential customers. Tying a logo, a mascot or art style to a brand is a proven way to make it more memorable in the minds of consumers; even after they have kept scrolling. The important thing is that whenever they see those visuals again in the future, they associate them with your brand.

Building these kinds of mental connections in people’s minds is important for brand recognition and longevity; especially when trying to expand a business or increase public awareness. People are likely to pay attention to imagery that looks nice, it really is as simple as that!

Using stock imagery or generic royalty-free visual assets isn’t likely to engage viewers’ brains in the same way that unique illustrations would. At the end of the day, how many hundreds of other accounts and pages are using the same assets as you? Using assets from royalty-free services can become an uphill battle. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd when you are using the same assets as everyone else.

Quality, Unique Illustrations at competitive rates

Let’s just cut to the chase, high-quality artwork does not come cheap. Obviously, it takes a huge amount of time and resources to make every asset bespoke. Often there is a limited budget for art resources, and sometimes it’s tempting to go with cheaper options or to not even pursue custom illustrations at all. 

One solution is to take advantage of the opportunities offered by advertising companies such as Be My Social to manage social media accounts and web hosting. We have multiple in-house artists that produce illustrations in Doncaster (that’s me!) that cover a wide variety of visual styles.

Our design and Illustration services are already included with management packages at no extra cost. Clients that may not usually have the budget to allocate for hiring their own artist can still have access to high quality, unique illustrations as and when they need them.

Standing out from the crowd is the hardest part of online growth, but custom illustrations are a fantastic way to achieve that and grow your online social presence organically.