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The Importance of SEO Services

As a provider of SEO services in Doncaster, we know and understand the relevance of optimising your website for search engines. However, we have found that many businesses out there don’t realise the importance that search engine optimised websites can have in terms of benefits and online relevancy.

There are many businesses that understand its importance and have been able to capitalise over their competitors. But what value does good SEO really offer you? And why is it so important?

In this article, we will be offering some clarity as to why every business needs SEO in order to take their content marketing campaign to the next level.

Organic Search Traffic

Google logo on side of big building for organic search

A massive part for almost every business’ overall website performance will be their organic search traffic. It’s the beginning of the process which will ultimately lead users towards a completed conversion.

In 2024, Google continues to dominate the numbers in the search engine market – with an average market share of over 74%. This doesn’t mean that all other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Baidu won’t affect your site’s visibility, its just that Google should be your main goal. It’s the dominant search engine which means it has the chance to drive the most traffic to your website.

If your site can become highly visible aa a trusted resource by Google algorithms, this will always work in your favour. All it takes to get there are great SEO services and frequently posted quality content.

Building Trust with your Audience

trustworthy people meeting shaking hands

All SEO experts will tell you the same goals which will build the foundations of your website optimisation. People who visit your website need to be able to know that you are a reliable source. This can be achieved by providing them with a well-designed website to visit, providing them with plenty of well-written high-quality content and by making your website easy to navigate through.

Google algorithms look for many elements in order to determine whether your website fits this bill. These elements can include:

  • Good readability within your content
  • Mobile optimised web design
  • Site authority
  • Quality backlink profiles

Being able to establish this authority within your brand is not something which can be done overnight. It takes some time and persistence to tell Google that you need to be heard. There are thousands of new websites appearing every day, you just need to be the loudest of the group.

Test your User Experience

When looking for SEO services, very few people who come to us realise the importance of their site UX (User Experience). Google will crawl through every page of your website and search for any conversion possibilities. If these conversions are too hard to reach or are not clear to users due to poor design, your search rankings will suffer as a result.

The best way to test out your user experience is by putting yourself in the shoes of the user. Try to navigate through your website and achieve what you are supposed to, like purchase an item of clothing from your store page for example. If this process is impossible to do or it takes too long to achieve, you may want to rethink your strategies.

You want to offer your audience the information they are looking for in as fewer clicks as you possibly can. Good quality SEO services can incorporate this, working in your brand’s favour.

SEO services provide long-term solutions

SEO campaigns will have a noticeable impact on your company within the first year of implementation. These initial actions will also set course your future campaign successes. As algorithms are updated every few months, you need to keep on top of any trends and alterations which will occur. If you miss out, you could be wasting valuable time and resources.

The more you plug in to your SEO services, the more chance your website will have to go up against your competitors. Once you have gained the trust of our target audience, you need to be able to maintain it in order to succeed.

Person using mobile phone google maps for local search

Since mobile phones have become the go-to device for finding new information on search engines, local search has played a big part in business success. The local search SEO strategy is a new way to optimise your website for a specific vicinity. That way, people in your local area can find you more easily, putting you closer to a conversion.

For example, we want to build our local search campaign around SEO services in Doncaster. In order to achieve this, we would focus our digital properties to target this region, establishing a platform for our brand’s services locally.

The best way in which you can achieve this is by listing your site on Google My Business and by creating accounts across all social media platforms. You can also display any reviews from Google or Facebook this way, further accrediting your brand as a trustworthy source.

You Need to Rank on Page 1

How far down search results pages do you scroll to? Do you ever go past the first page before clicking a page that you want to visit? You likely don’t, and that is a great example of why SEO services are extremely important to any business with a website.

Every business industry is different, some keyword wars are much more competitive than others. If you are selling in a niche market, the chances are you will find it quite easy to rank highly on search results pages. The only problem with this though is that you may not be ranking for high search volume terms.

Businesses within a competitive marketing industry will find it more difficult to stay on the top pages due to the demand from their target audience. Higher volume keywords mean more businesses competing for that top spot – but if you reach this goal, you will generate a lot of traffic.

Therefore, good SEO services are vital for any marketing campaign – no matter what you’re selling to customers.


SEO services are considered a modern marketing technique and it is vital to any business that wants to build up their web presence. As competitors look to capitalise on their online visibility, so should you.

If you’re looking to supplement your marketing efforts with an effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy, get in touch with us today at Be My Social to see how we can help! Our team of experts are sure to provide you with the SEO agency services and experience you need.