psychology behind website design

The Psychology Behind a Good Website Design

Psychology is the brain of the operation when it comes to a good website design. This means you or your website designers need to understand the human mind. Here at BeMySocial, we can create your small business a professional website design that your visitors will respond to. Discussed below are several psychological factors you should consider before designing a website.  

The Use of Colours in Website Design

You might be surprised at how dramatically the human brain responds to colour. Several studies have shown that colours of branding, advertising and website content affect consumers’ minds and whether they choose to make a purchase. Most people are attracted to the colour of something before they notice text, meaning that colour alone has the power to determine whether a person is attracted to a brand.

Our brains are programmed to respond to colour. For example, we stop our cars at a red light and go when the light is green. Next time you are in a supermarket, you may notice cleaning detergents are blue and orange. Blue symbolises cleanliness, and orange is dynamic energy. The packaging indicates to a consumer that the cleaning detergent is industrial-strength cleaning power, just by using colours.

Businesses can use this knowledge on how the brain works in their branding, as the style guide of your business will hint towards your product or service. Cooler tones tend to hint towards a more professional or serious website, whereas warmer colours will represent to your visitors that you are more creative.


Your website’s layout aims to be as easy to manoeuvre as possible. You want your visitors to be able to find what they’re looking for as quickly as possible and to be able to find the checkout section easily. However, it is also important to keep in mind your use of clean space, so your visitors can process everything on the page.

Websites that are messy and full of products and information can be hard for the visitor to digest, so even if the page is full of content, you deem as necessary, you may be overloading your users and driving them away. Logically organise your website with clean space between web page design elements in the margin. It is also important to keep the features on the page relevant to the category.


Nowadays, there are thousands of fonts available for website designers online. With so many options, your design team must understand the psychology behind the typography before making the final decision to make sure you have an effective web design.

The right typography for your website will depend on the purpose and goals of your business. If your business’s main purpose is to inform news, then a strong serif font is more appropriate; Times New Roman gives a professional feel. On the other hand, informal blog pages may choose a sans-serif font for a more relaxed feel.

The typography of your website can be a make-or-break factor if your visitors choose to stay on the page, this is why it is important to get it right. There are many website designers in the UK to help if you are struggling to design your website.

How Be My Social Can Help

Here at BeMySocial, our web design team specialises in building websites for clients in a wide variety of different industries and providing you with professional web design services. On top of great web design, we also provide complete rebranding and marketing services to cover as much ground as we possibly can to ensure you get the brand and the look you want for your business.

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