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Things to Consider When Building a Brand

With any start-up business or organisation, it’s important to build up a brand to make yourself more recognisable to a target audience. Good brand reach and audience engagement improves revenue and traffic to a website, and solidifies your tone and goals right from the start. By hiring a digital marketing agency, you can start to incorporate all the factors that go into building a successful brand.

Here at Be My Social, we offer social media management, web design and SEO services in Doncaster and across the country. Our search engine optimisation building and marketing campaigns can help you improve your position on search engine rankings. Through audience engagement and content marketing, we can help you build an effective brand that will help you generate custom.

Want to start building a brand voice, but aren’t entirely sure where to start? Read our article below.

Choose Website Design

When considering exactly how you’d like your brand to appear and develop, firstly consider the tone of voice you’re going for. Is it formal? Informal? Fun and playful? When you’ve established this, you can start to build your website. An online tone and brand is built up through your colour scheme, website navigation and written content, so make sure that it is consistent. For instance, if you’re a fashion company targeting young women, consider bright colours and an informal tone.

A website that is easy to navigate can keep potential customers browsing for longer, so make sure that everything is easy to find and decipher. A complicated website that is tricky to understand almost never works, so guide you audience through your site by ensuring that everything is clearly labelled and easy to find. Here at Be My Social, our experienced web designers will create a website tailored to your brand and vision, and you ultimately get the final say and exactly how you want it to act and look.

Social Media Engagement

A business with an active social media presence shows professionalism and dedication, and will attract your target audience from far and wide. Regular posting allows you to keep appearing on your target audience’s timelines and newsfeed, and makes them more likely to engage with your posts. Find out exactly what your target audience prefer and enjoy and play to it, by posting content you suspect they’ll engage with.

Remember to engage with your social media audience, especially if they comment on your posts or message you directly. This makes you appear responsive and dedicated to catering to their needs, all the while building your brand’s reputation. Also, make sure you monitor which posts perform well on which platform and which don’t, so you can plan for future posts. 

Search Engine Optimisation

To ensure that your website ranks higher on search engines such as Google, you need to implement effective SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies. Through the inclusion of keywords, alt text on images and organic search terms, you can improve your position on search engines and generate more revenue over time. For instance, if your target audience are searching terms such as “dress designers” to find you online, make sure you include that term somewhere on your site.

Here at Be My Social, a digital marketing agency in Doncaster, we use a software called SE Ranking to find general and local SEO terms that your potential audiences are searching for, allowing us to craft written content and articles for your website to get you noticed. Through link building and research, we will provide you with an SEO audit to show you how much you have improved by investing in our services.


One of the best ways to generate custom and revenue is by advertising your services online. Email marketing and social media advertising all contribute to providing you with necessary leads needed to make a sale. Both image and video advertisements prove effective.

As a digital marketing agency, we know how to bring in custom through effective advertising. Our graphic designers can craft still and moving digital advertisements tailored to your target audience’s preferences, increasing their engagement and interest. To inquire further about our services, please fill out our online form here.