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Be My Social is a Humana Ltd Brand.

Tel: 03305519900

Be My Social, First/Second Floor, 8 Priory Place, Doncaster Town Centre DN1 1BL

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Learn what makes people Tik

TikTok is the world’s fastest growing and most exciting social media platform.

With our help, you’ll engage and entertain customers with world-class creativity that showcases your brand.


Connecting Your Audience

We'll get you involved as we work together to show off your brand's strengths in an exciting and engaging way.


100% of content on TikTok is user-generated video. Your brand will shine as we show off your work, your people and your personality with innovative and engaging clips.

Post Approval

TikTok content is less orthodox than usual, but we'll ensure you're happy with published content - either with individual approval, or a range of agreed guidelines made just for you.

Weekly Trends

TikTok moves very quickly. We'll think fast to create the most amazing and 'on the pulse' content based upon songs or events from the last week - or even the same day.

To protect your brand, there are 'red line' subjects that we never will create content around. In short, we'll keep it light!


Respond to Your Audience.

We promise you that every comment or question is a gift - one that competitors are paying large amounts of money for.

You can’t afford to ignore your customers, and with our help, you never will.

Build a Reputation

If we've agreed that your objectives can be helped by TikTok, then we'll be working with you to drive excitement and energy around your brand. We'll ensure consistency and make sure that every post reflects (and fits in with) this unique platform when creating and releasing content.


There's a huge opportunity to reach out to users with a large & engaged TikTok following. Often, they'll be huge on Instagram or Snapchat - and we can help you speak to their audience on all platforms.

Organic Growth

It may be a huge platform, but it's only just beginning to grow. Now is the time to cement your place and prepare for the future as TikTok grows around you.


Key Statistics

We'll give you all the information you need to grow and track performance.

Clear Analytics

Find out everything you need to know about how your videos perform and more about your followers.

Demographic Insight

You will see who's in love with your content, ensuring that our delivery is in line with your commercial objectives.

Social Listening Tools

We work with a leading social listening partner to understand keyword/hashtag interest and volume in real time. We'll use this insight to ensure that your content is 'on the pulse'.

Using innapropriate hashtags is penalised by TikTok and can result in a crippling 'shadow ban'.


Our team is ready to help. Fill out the form, and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

Alternatively, you can contact our team directly by calling 03305519900

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