Facebook advertising

Useful Tips for Facebook Advertising and Marketing

There are numerous reasons as to why you would want to start to build your brand a Facebook Advertising campaign. You may want to extend your business awareness out to a wider audience. You could be aiming to increase the number of leads by showcasing your products or services outside of your organic audience. Or you could be simply wanting to drive more traffic to your website and improve your SEO.

We have put together what we believe are some useful tips for Facebook Advertising, helping you to kickstart your social media advertising campaign the right way.

Target Audience

As with any marketing campaign, you need to think very carefully about the kind of people which you want to target. Facebook is extremely popular across all age groups and allows you to target your advertising campaign more specifically as a result.

This means that using Facebook pages as a starting place will allow you to reach your advertisements to multiple age groups and demographics. A great place to start for any business who want to increase their conversion rates.

Use of Photos/Videos

Facebook allows users to include multiple media types to accompany written content. You can include headlines and link descriptions too in order to relay more information to your audience. If you want to add buttons or call-to-actions, this is also doable through Facebook Advertising.

You can create your images through your preferred editing software and then simply upload it onto the templates provided by Facebook. You can choose to just use an image with no text, but we find that including written content can help to clear any confusion by providing information from the start.

Facebook video advertising can vary from mobile videos that last a couple of seconds, to full hour adverts designed for desktop viewing. Again, understanding your target audience will help you to determine which option will resonate best with your business campaign.

Shorter videos tend to catch people’s attention more, so long as you are straight and punchy with your content. We have created many video advertisements for clients, and we tend to keep them no longer than the 30-second mark.

Facebook Stories Ads

One on the rise in popularity, Facebook stories advertising is another way which you can reach out to potential buyers. Images can display in a full-screen format and can last for up to 15 seconds maximum. These stories will only last for 24 hours, however, so keep this in mind when deciding where you want to show your advertisements.

You also can’t choose to display ads on Facebook stories specifically. You will be given the option to choose to display them as a story advertisement as well as a regular post.

Carousel and Slideshows

Carousel advertising allows you to select multiple images or videos that can all link to different locations in one ad. These types of advertisements work best with online stores where the seller wants to showcase multiple products instead of just one at a time.

In a similar fashion, slideshow advertisements create a video based on the images which you select to display. This is a good option for people who aren’t exactly experts in video editing but want to do something more than just show static imagery.

Messenger Ads

Displayed within the messenger app, these advertisements can encourage users to connect with your business directly. People can click on your advertisement and be directed straight to your messenger profile. From here, they can message to send you through any queries or to apply online.

You can target certain users with this ad who have been in touch with you before. It could be a great tool to have another attempt at selling your products.

In Conclusion

There are many ways which you can advertise on Facebook, each one with their benefits. Hopefully, you can use what we have discussed to help build your own Facebook Advertising Campaign in the proper way, reaching out to your desired target audience.

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