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You need a website for your business today. Here is why

In the modern era of technology where everything is digital, it has become essential for a business to have an online presence and not just on social media. Having an online website has never yielded such benefits for a company so missing out would be the worst thing you can do! Be My Social are experts in website design, you can learn more here.

Tesco’s, Primark, and Game. All are popular high street businesses and charities that are so different but they all have one thing in common. In this article, we are going to be telling you the benefits of having a website for your business and where you can get started.

What you can put on your website

The first question you may have is “what can I have on my website” and although it may seem like a tough question, it is simpler than you are thinking. To begin with, it’s highly dependant on the business you run. Due to this fact, I will split it into subsections and explain each individually.

You Own a Shop
This type of business is the best business to own a website. The profit you are missing out on is immeasurable. With help from the internet, you can host your shop completely online and with the current state of the world, you are able to start a business and sell products or services online without the need to have anything as basic as stock. This is due to print on demand through a third-party service.
Having an online store is also great for brand recognition as there will be a larger volume of people viewing your products daily.

You Own a Restaurant
If you own a Restaurant then creating a website design may reap a large benefit for your business. On a website, you can include a lot of information such as menu items or history on this website. If you were to do this then you would get a large number of customers on the website to view the menu.

Leisure Facility
A Leisure Facility may be a hard business to create a website design for and that’s due to content. This is the same for anything really. Unless time is put into making content for a website then you will struggle to get a professional-looking site and you will appear lower on the search engine results page.
A great way to combat this is by hiring someone for SEO. This is great as they will already have great knowledge of search engines and will have a large range of professional tools on standby.
A lot of people are hesitant to hire professionals for this as on the surface it may seem easy however there is a lot more to know than what appears and you will save a lot of time by visiting a specialist. Other than that an expert will be able to yield greater results than someone who does it themselves.
On a leisure facility, you could include information about the history of the building and you can include prices and activities.

Theme Park or Entertainment
For someone who runs a business around the theme park or entertainment field, having a website is a great decision as you are able to implement SEO and get as much brand recognition as possible. This is due to a large amount of information you can include as well as a possibility for online booking.
It is very important for a business in this field to have a running website for reach.

How do you start a website?

The first thing you will need to focus on is the domain name. When shopping for a custom domain name it is best to get one that provides the title of the business in it while keeping it concise. This makes it easier for a potential customer to find your website at a later date. At the same time, having a short domain name can be important but at the same time, it will cost a lot more than a long one.
At the same time the top-level domain matters for geographical purposes too. This is the or the .com you will see after a domain name.
This is important as it advertises your general location. So before you buy anything decide where you want to market to.
If you would like to market worldwide then go for a .com domain but if you want to market somewhere else use a local top-level domain.

Secondly, you need to decide on your host. Some favourites are GoDaddy and 1&1 Ionos. This will be the company that registers your domain to a website, this is the most important part as without a host no one can view your site.

Finally, you need to decide on a website design. A lot of people choose to use a drag-and-drop website builder from a free website template for this part.
This is as simple as picking a template from a list of designer-made templates, and then changing the information to fit your business. This is good as it is easy and free, but it comes with a range of downfalls such as having a watermark on your page and bad quality. This is only recommended for small businesses.

Choose Be My Social’s Website Design

The Better option would be to hire a web designer. There are thousands of freelance web designers on sites like Fiverr however the best option would be to go to a company for this, here at Be My Social we offer a range of services including website design, so if you need a website, don’t hesitate to contact us.