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Website Tips for Start-Up Businesses

When you’re establishing a business, your top priority is to make it as successful and profitable as possible. In a competitive, ever-changing technological world, you need to be ahead of the curve when it comes to creating an online presence. Here at Be My Social, we provide search engine optimisation (SEO) services in Doncaster and beyond, enabling businesses both big and small to make their mark online.

To improve your digital marketing strategy and start placing high on search engine rankings, you need to create an engaging website with a successful SEO campaign. The more you incorporate local SEO, the more you appear on search results, leading to more traffic and revenue for your business. Content marketing, easy-to-navigate pages and responsive web design all come highly recommended when it comes to creating a functioning website.

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Design is Important

When it comes to your website, design is an incredibly important factor. Your homepage is the first thing that people see when they visit your website, so it needs to be eye-catching, easy to navigate and engaging. A website that is hard to operate can make potential customers leave your site before they’ve had time to browse, so make sure that the layout is simple and informative.

A website that generates a lot of traffic can lead to Google recognising you as a dominant site, and will lead to high-ranking search results. When choosing a design, you can buy themes from sites like WordPress to match your brand and target audience. A design that will seem familiar to those you are targeting can increase engagement and may lead to people revisiting your site.

Be My Social provides search engine optimisation in Doncaster and beyond, helping businesses achieve their marketing goals effectively and efficiently.

Content and Keywords

One of the biggest factors you need to include in your web design is written content and relevant keywords. SEO such as this can improve your search engine ranking based on what your target audience is searching for. For instance, if you’re a fashion retailer, you’re going to want to be including terms such as “cheap fashion” to attract your target audience.

When generating organic search engine optimisation keywords, it can be hard to track and monitor exactly what terms are performing well. Luckily, SEO companies have the best software in place to analyse exactly which keywords are garnering traffic and revenue. Here at Be My Social, our SEO services in Doncaster use a service called SE Ranking, which allows us to monitor the keywords that matter to you, so we can implement them in your content writing strategy.


Link building, including adding backlinks and outbound links to your site makes you look incredibly established and professional to Google, which will help you rank much higher on search rankings. You can also include links to your social media to increase your reach over multiple platforms. Here at Be My Social, our marketing services range across web design, SEO monitoring and content writing to provide optimal services to businesses across the country. We aim to improve your ranking on search engines such as Google, which in turn drives traffic and revenue to your site. If you would like more information, please fill out our online form here.