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What are the Latest Web Design Trends?

Gone are the standard “this is what we do”, more businesses are revamping their website design and showcasing their services with new innovations. Features like typography and handmade graphics are at the forefront of this latest craze, all wanting to stand out from their competitors. For your company, you should consider hiring a marketing team. Here at Be My Social, we offer web design in Doncaster to make your brand recognisable. We know it is important to keep up with the latest trends and make sure our work reflects.


There are various ways you can instantly attract potential clients with the way you present your website. Your homepage is most likely the first thing they will notice. It needs to grab their attention, making them want to continue reading.

Memphis Design began in 1981, as a reaction to the status quo. Previously, in the 1970s, minimalism was about structure and straight lines. Whereas, Memphis included radical shapes and geometric figures of Art Deco. And now, this style is coming back through the guise of web design. Using flashy designs and colourful graphics can make a company seem more approachable and friendly to potential customers. It stands them apart from other businesses in their industry, specifically modern web designs for more contemporary clientele. Obviously, it depends on your industry; you wouldn’t want a law firm to have animations and a bubble design. For web design in Doncaster, why not work with a professional website design team? Find out how to properly market your business here

From the creation of the internet and an exceeding amount of web pages being created, web design consisted of robotic typefaces and bright colour palettes. Much like the bold fashion choices of the 90s, ” web design” also presented this. This term is used loosely, as this wasn’t even a profession. And now, like many nostalgic inventions that were once obsolete (polaroid and tape cassettes for example), Retro Revolution is coming back. Much like Memphis, this style can make a business appear to have a sense of character and personality; even before a customer reads about their services. First impressions are everything and these website designs are vital for business growth.


It is important that the typography you decide to use for your business reflects your overall mood and tone. You should carefully plan your web fonts, how big they will be and how many headings you will have. Your web design may have to cater around these features, showcasing them off as the main focus. But once you have decided, make sure this is featured in all your marketing materials. You want to make your brand visibly yours; not just on the website design, but on social media also. Don’t be afraid to use massive headings. Include questions that could be asked on search engines, improving your visibility with SEO.

For more information on choosing typography, read our previous article.

Engaging Interactives

Throughout 2022, we expect animated websites to continue kicking off and become the latest trends for businesses. Having an interactive website encourages your clients to be more active and not just passive in their scrolling. It will monitor the engagement level, with clicks, drags and swipes. More than likely, it will decrease the bounce-back rate and improve viewership for your website. All with an interactive web design.

Our web development team created their website from scratch; including effective website copy with SEO and animations that highlight the important parts of the business.

Our Services

Here at Be My Social, we offer a range of services including SEO, social media and web design in Doncaster. Our team of creative designers and website developers will make sure your website reflects exactly what your company offers and its set of values. We have a graphic design team that can create an entire brand identity, including a logo, font and style formats for all marketing. Working with a whole range of companies, we make sure our clients are happy and collaborate closely with our teams.

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