What is Social PPC Advertising?

What is Social PPC Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a must for any business wanting to expand their audience demographic and reach more customers through specifically placed advertisements. Using PPC advertising can improve traffic to your website, with the right imagery and copy. And this is no exception for social media platforms.

Mixed in with organic posts, social PPC advertising appears sporadically on a person’s social feed; like ads separating the drama in your favourite soap. Through different social media platforms, you can target the specific demographic that you want your content to be shown to. For example, a feminine hygiene product could be particularly aimed at females under 35; which incidentally, is Facebook’s main demographic. So, the social PPC ads would focus primarily on Facebook, making sure that those who would be interested in the product can see it.

But does this method work? Are there benefits to targeting individual social media platforms? As the world gets more online and content vastly ranges, it is important for businesses to stand out and reach their demographics through more modern techniques. Renting a billboard for your ad is great, however, if your demographic is glued to their phone, are they even going to look up and notice it? All businesses should consider implementing a social PPC campaign and there are many ways you can do this.

What Should You Consider

Before posting, there are certain factors you should consider with your PPC ads. Much like all content you publish, you should know what the aim of the advert is. Is it to gain more traffic to your website? Make your brand more identifiable? Or is it just another purchase? Knowing this before can help you cater the content and copy so your customers are more inclined to follow suit. It also shows you have clear goals for your business and aren’t just winging it.

You should also consider the technical aspects of the ad campaign. The more money you put into it, the more benefits you will see. It can improve your reach and widen your audience with each post. Though if you are a small business, this might not be doable. Working with a PPC advertising company is a great way to find out what can work specifically for you and your budget. For more information on social media advertising, click here.

Facebook Advertising

Alongside Google, Facebook has 65% of the online ad market throughout the UK, coming in second. Its advertising services allow businesses to target specific demographics and as one of the biggest social media platforms, the audience base will massively widen. There are many ways you can use Facebook for ad campaigns. Looking at certain pages or similar interests of your demographic can help you cater for your adverts better and gain more interest through posts. A conversion campaign targets those who have a history of clicking on Facebook ads and using their services. If they’ve clicked on it once, they are more than likely willing to do it again.

But who has the time? A successful PPC advertising campaign doesn’t happen overnight. It might take a few different tries on the style and mode to find out what works best for you and your business. This plant needs TLC to bloom; requiring work and patience that you might not have enough time for. So why not consider an alternative? Hiring a professional social media advertising time takes the pressure off of you; handing over the reins to specialists who know what they’re doing.

Our Services

Be My Social is a social media advertising company, focusing on several areas to increase traffic to businesses across the UK. Looking at different ad formats, our specialists will work with you to find the best ad campaign specifically for you. It’s our job to help you out and let you focus on other parts of the business whilst we take care of your advertising.

We can find unique ways to showcase your services on a range of platforms from Facebook to Grindr, all the while getting you more attention and clientele.

For more information on our services, why not fill in our online form? Give us a brief statement on how we can help and a member of our team will shortly be in touch. Alternatively, follow us on Instagram for daily helpful tips on ways to improve your social identity.