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What Should You Avoid In Your Next Email Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing services are seen as an important aspect of overall company success; with 4 out of 5 marketers saying they’d rather give up social media than email marketing. But there are many email marketing features that should be avoided in all campaigns to ensure maximum enjoyment. Check out this helpful guide on how you can optimise your content for the best email marketing solution.

Overbearing Selling and Sending

Selling your services is a major part of any business. You want your company to be successful and email marketing is a great way to reach an audience. But, don’t just limit yourself to selling tactics. 

People love varying content, especially if they are receiving other email marketing services. Why not diversify your topics? Not just about the best-selling products, you could send news stories, ideas; anything that is different. If there is a holiday coming up, such as International Women’s Day or Mother’s Day, contextualise this for your business. You could highlight the women of your team, or show how you are helping to promote the occasion. You want customers to be excited about the latest email and not just send it straight to the bin.

At the same time, make sure you are not sending emails too frequently. If part of your detailed email marketing campaigns includes sending one every day, this is certain to drive away your customers. Or worse, reporting your company for spam. Consider hiring an email marketing agency that understands when and how often to send emails.

Feeling Too Robotic

Nobody likes an email that lacks personality. Or even personalisation. For example, emails that start with ‘Dear Customer’ or ‘Hey You’; it is clear that it is just a bulk email that could be for anyone. And probably is for anyone. Whereas emails that have personalised greetings can make customers feel recognised and that the content is specifically for them. You want to have a good relationship with your clientele, so consequently, they are more inclined to further look through your services.

Also, why not add some humour and fun in your email? Obviously, the purpose of email marketing services is to sell your products or gain more traffic to your website, however, why can’t you throw a little personality with your content? This will make your email not just a pushy sales pitch. It will show that your company does care about their customers and can present that there is a human behind the keyboard. Not just a robot programmed to roll out emails every week.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing services should be considered for all businesses wanting to expand their reach and increase traffic to their online presence. Although social media boasts millions of users, this is nowhere near the number of people who regularly checks their emails; whether this be for work purposes or just to see the latest deals Deliveroo has to offer. It makes sense, as whenever you make an online account, it will ask for your email. And if you don’t remember to check the box saying ‘DO NOT SEND ME EMAILS’, you are more than likely going to be sent weekly email marketing campaigns. This can easily be used for your own business.

But who has the time? Your business should be able to focus on other aspects. Why not leave it to the professionals who understand how to successfully run email marketing services?

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