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Why Copywriting is a Smart Career Move

A career in copywriting is an interesting choice for graduate students; it’s fast-paced, flexible and allows you to gain knowledge on a range of businesses and industries. However, it is not always easy to determine what a career in copywriting involves, or how to get your foot in the door. 

Here at BeMySocial, our experts have put together reasons why you should consider joining the world of copywriting and how to get started. 

Perfecting your Writing Skills

The basis of a good copywriter is having the ability to share ideas clearly and persuasively. If you are a recent student or enjoy writing, you will most likely have at some point written an essay or a blog post, which is a great starting point. It shows you can communicate through the art of words and can express your tone of voice clearly to an audience. 

For many copywriters already in the industry, the joy of writing is the main pull into this career. You don’t always need to be the best writer, but if you know how to engage with people you are on the right track.

Working with a Range of Clients

If you decide to choose a career in copywriting you will more than likely work alongside a diverse variety of clients, you could find yourself writing full articles or even copy for Instagram posts. No one day is the same in copywriting, which is exciting for those who love to learn.

Many copywriters choose to specialise in an industry. But for many copywriters having a variety of different business types under their belts is more fulfilling. This gives them the ability to be more flexible within their careers. 

Copywriting for SEO

In modern times a lot of the work you will produce as a copywriter will be for an online publication, such as website content or blogs. Therefore, demonstrate to an employer or client that you understand how to make online content effective for their target audience and search engine optimisation (SEO). 

SEO is a way to make your content more accessible to a reader or search engine. Knowing how to produce a piece of copy that will rank highly on Google will make your work more valuable to your clients and result in you being more in demand as a copywriter. To learn more about SEO, read our previous articles

Things to Take Away

Unfortunately, an issue with copywriting is clients rejecting copy for minor reasons that you don’t see as a problem. Do not feel set back by this; client’s reviewing your work is all part of the job and will result in you building a better understanding of what your client wants. 

Taking our advice and putting it into practice will help you gain the required skills to be a successful copywriter. 

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