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Why Your Business Needs A Website

The rule of first impressions is the same in business as it is in the real world. Your initial encounter with another entity, whether that is a person or the interior of a store, can leave a lasting effect that is often hard to undo. This is the reason we dress nice and look presentable; we want to appeal to people and leave a positive impression.

The same theory applies to web pages. If you are looking to purchase a new pair of trainers and stumble across a web page that is difficult to navigate or is littered with pop-up ads then your first impression will likely be to exit the website.

Even if you are selling washing machines or refurbished tennis rackets, each person that accesses your website expects a clean modern-looking page with an easy-to-operate layout.

Why Does My Business Need a Website?

A fully operational website goes a long way in the business world. Be My Social has all the ‘need to know’ on website creation for business purposes.


Without a website, it is likely that your business will be viewed as illegitimate. Having a website is the initial first contact between business and consumer. It gives customers a sense of comfort and that they can rely on the products they are interested in.

Lead Generation

A website is a perfect way for businesses to generate organic leads. This is achieved by users finding your web page online and discovering your contact information listed somewhere on the site. 

Once customers have developed an interest in your products or services, thanks to the contact details they now know how to contact you, thus generating the opportunity for increased sales and engagement.

Network Traffic

Once you are up and running and are SEO-optimised you are in with a chance of being picked up by Google’s search engine. The strength and the accuracy of our keywords will determine how high you rank amongst competitors using the same algorithms.

Round the Clock Updates and Announcements

Your website will be available to customers every minute of every day. In other words, your website is the domain that never sleeps. This allows you to broadcast any new changes to your products or services and any other announcements you wish to share.

Saving Time

Without a website, customers would need to telephone the business to obtain any information. As well as distracting members of staff in the office, calls with individual customers would slow down the whole productivity of the entire organisation.

A website would eliminate the need for most calls because the information the customers require can be accessed online.


Websites are essential throughout all industries in the modern world. You need a website if you have a foundation that requires sales to function. Web pages can be adapted over time to suit the needs of customers and clients. The most important part is to have one that is up and running.

For any further information on website creation or if you require digital marketing services, then visit us at Be My Social.