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Creating Engaging Content for All Platforms

Digital content creation is more of a generic term for a wider range of services. It can mean a variety of things. Whether this is the planning and strategy phases, through to creating and analysing progress. Whatever you are looking for, here at Be My Social, we are here to help with the content creation progress.

As the world becomes more online, with lots of businesses not even having a physical shop front anymore, it is important to focus on the right digital content strategy. How are you going to gain audiences if they can’t even see your website in the first place? 

That’s where digital content creation comes in. It is the process of generating topic ideas that will appeal to your target audience; creating written or graphic material around these popular themes.

 Professional digital content creators will research thoroughly, have a keen eye for the latest trending themes and write high-quality content that will please audiences. This could be through blogs, social media posts or graphic design.

Check out this breakdown on the digital content creation process from a marketing agency.

Content Planning 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: research, research, research! When wanting to create a digital content strategy, it is important to know what you should focus on and who to target.

Define your audience. Think about who the business is wanting to target; who will most benefit from its services. If you are a newer business or a start-up, assumptions will need to be made. But regardless, it is important to have a clear idea of the target audience as you can then optimise content for them.

Keyword research. From there, content creators can look into what keywords they want to target. Using tools such as Answer the Public, you can search the keyword and see relevant questions that have been asked surrounding the topic on search engines. 

Keyword search volumes. For any successful content strategy, it is important to know your starting positions. Using tools such as SE Ranking, you can scan a website and see what words they are already ranking for and what position they are on search engine pages. This is key for those words that have a high search volume. 

SEO specialists will typically target words with search volumes ranging from 300 to 800 (for smaller businesses/targeting locally) and 600 + (for larger businesses). 

Content Creation Process

After you have successfully planned your digital content strategy, it’s time to start creating.

Decide what medium to use. One of the easiest ways to have fresh and high-quality content, is the posting of weekly articles. This way, you can easily incorporate SEO, with keywords, which can attract a variety of audiences. Ensure you use your keyword research and write about topics surrounding these. 

Many audiences will Google a question, rather than a statement; so why not focus on answering these relevant questions. For SEO purposes, it is important to have long-form articles, ranging between 400 and 800 words. It is important to remember, that this part of the strategy is primarily to please the Google algorithm. 

Incorporate social media. In the modern world, businesses should remember the importance of social media and the number of audiences a post can potentially reach. The same techniques should apply; research the business. Answer questions that audiences may want to know about your business. 

But this platform eliminates formality, making it seem more personal. It also creates an easy way to get instant feedback, with likes and comments. In a digital content creation strategy, you should link all your mediums and ensure they carry the same tone and style throughout.

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