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Early Branding Trends for 2021

Designers, much like the rest of the world are looking forward to the new year and decade. Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t been great for obvious reasons so talking about the new one does provide some optimism. We should be looking at the start of the new decade filled with positive energy. Looking to push the creativity we’ve had to hold back due to covid!

The amount of challenges that businesses, brands and people had to face has been immeasurable; but you have to remember that it’s been a shared one. Having such a similar experience with the whole world seems to have drawn us closer together. Not only as individuals but as a global community. We’re starting to see the effect the year has through visual branding and other means of communication.

As for the trends approaching 2021’s style, we’ve had to be more creative and attention grabbing. To provide a sense of normality and fun, as looking at the same four walls of your home isn’t exhilarating. So designers have had to come up with new ways of getting that attention. From experimenting with imagery to having sleek symmetry.

Here are a few trends we’re predicting will form the year ahead:

Minimalistic Design

Minimalism is something that recurs year after year, however it’s still planning on going strong in the 20’s. In terms of website design, users naturally prefer less cluttered, easy to navigate and good to look at websites. So if yours looks like a website from the early 2000’s perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate.

Minimalist websites cater to the user’s experience, so that means loading faster. Using fewer server resources and are often developed rather than made on Wix. This boils down to having a less complicated design meaning naturally the website loads faster. As an added bonus it gives a professional feel and clean navigation. Generally giving off a good initial impression to new visitors.

No matter if you’re designing a website or not. What minimalistic design style has, it’s an aesthetic choice which is less equaling more.

Nostalgic Brand Marketing

Trends are a focal point of the year. Every month there’s a new craze topic or conversation that everyone seems to have an opinion on. Remember Tiger King, that’s not been replaced by Netflix’s The Crown. An amazing example of how nostalgic content works well. It’s reliving history from the 80’s – even if it has been made by a multi-million pound company!

Many look back in the past and wish to recapture the feeling of the “old times”. My generation is the best” – said by every single generation, seems to be quite a fitting observation. A recent example of new brands that capitalises on nostalgia is Spotify. Their most recent campaign which focuses on the users listening preference from the year. Provides a tailored playlist of the user’s most listened songs and artists.

Spotify Wrapped is also an amazing way to start conversations. Especially with your friends, as they provide a download option which is often shared on social media.

When it comes to nostalgic branding, it allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Tapping into a customer’s positive memories and experience from the past – allows you to form a stronger relationship with them. Whilst also being able to promote your brand for free.

Humanised Brand Marketing Personality

Unless you are Amazon, the truth of the matter is that you have to convince customers to trust your brand marketing. Sometimes customers feel most companies are out to exploit them for their money or just to scam them. Especially if you’re a small business that’s just starting out.

Giving your brand a personality is one of the oldest trends of all time, since the word ‘brand’ existed! Because after all, people like people not large scary corporations that are trying to capitalise on their consumers. Just as people have a multi-level personality so should your business.

In a survey by Sprout Social, they found customers wanted to see certain behaviours from brands. It’s probably a given that people wanted an; Honest (86%), Friendly (83%) and of course Helpful (78%). But going into the multi-level of your brand personality people also like to see brands to be; Funny, Trendy, and sometimes even Snarky! It helps consumers relate to your brand so it is definitely a massive thing to consider.


Overall, trying to get the trust of modern customers is actually becoming harder than ever. Social media has given people more choice than ever when it comes to choosing who to shop with. The ways of traditional/print marketing are growing to be one of the least impactful methods to ‘get the name out’.

Brand marketing and building also takes more time and energy than ever, especially compared to the last 20 years. For example, it’s not about focusing on how a brand looks but more on how you act and present yourself. Being a business owner means you’re the brand, you have to give an out of this world experience.