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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows us to analyse detailed summaries of site traffic so we can improve user experiences.

At Be My Social, we use Google Analytics to gain valuable insights on statistics of users such as geography, language, and session durations. From all the information we learn, we are able to tailor our sites with technical and on-page SEO, specifically for websites to be the top result on search engines. 

We are able to view statistics such as active users in real-time, assisting us with keyword research, marketing efforts, and social media posts.

Analytics allows us to collate data from tracking codes and use this information to cater for your site for optimised organic traffic and tailored ads.

This works because every time you use the search engine google collects little bits of information from tracking code and your information is used to help web developers and to help tailor websites for you.

A Few Tools Available

Not just their location and session time, Google Analytics allows us to really understand your target audience and tailor your site to include their interests and activity.

This helps us direct websites towards the potential markets which previously would have left the site after their first click. 

With analytics, it is possible to find out where your traffic is coming from.

In regards to advertisements, they give you the ability to find out whether your ads on other sites and platforms are being noticed. We can find out the success rate for each advertisement and ways to fully optimise them for an increased level of traffic.


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