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What is the Difference Between Illustration and Graphic Design Services?

Graphic novels have recently been making news, with an increase in sales in 2021 by 65%. It shows that graphic design services and illustrations, working together, can affect a reader. Whether this is to do with the content, depictions of violence or even the contextual impact. Most recently, Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Maus, which depicts the Holocaust in an educational and harrowing way, has made headlines in the US when a Tennessee school has banned it from the curriculum. However, this has only made the graphic novel more sought after and desirable.

Our world is surrounded by art everywhere we look. And this is no exception for businesses looking for an increase in traffic or sales. This could be either graphic design services, or bespoke illustrations; both methods are a great way to fully advertise a business and can be incorporated into a marketing strategy. Find out here about the different features and which one is best for you.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the art of putting visual aspects together, in order to successfully market a business. For branding or as part of a marketing strategy, graphic design services can include posters, flyers, packaging; anything that is related to your business to gain more attention and increase traffic. Graphic design focuses on communication with its target audience. They will specifically layout different elements in a way that will stand out to people.  

Software such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign are primarily used to create designs. The graphic designer may use features. These include illustrations, typography or photographs, editing them to convey a certain message that could sell or advertise.

What is Illustration?

Illustrations are primarily drawn by hand, or digitally. Before advanced technology, illustrations were done with either pencil. watercolour, or even charcoal; heavily featured in magazines, film posters, or children’s books to name but a few examples. In a world where everything is online, illustrators have adapted to the modern world and can also use software and devices to create designs.

There are many different ways illustration can be incorporated into commercial businesses. They can act as a visual explanation or to fully explore an idea. For digital art, devices such as iPads, Wacom and Huion tablets, can be used to create illustrations to be sent for approval from clients.

What Service Do You Need?

Although graphic design and illustration may appear similar, their individual focuses differ on different aspects that can offer disparate services for a business. Graphic design services mostly provide marketing or promotional materials, particularly for commercial businesses as a way to attract potential clients and increase sales. For companies that want to stand out from their competitors, having creative design elements such as text, graphics and layout can help with your branding. It is important to be recognisable, so hiring a graphic design team can help you define your services and make you have an image.

Unlike graphic designers, who don’t necessarily need to know how to draw, illustrators create hand-drawn or digitally design art for their clients. Graphic design services involve taking assets that also could potentially not be unique to them, whereas illustrators create their own designs that are originally theirs. For businesses, hiring an illustrator can show your uniqueness against other companies in your field; creating drawings of your services, or avatars of your staff for instance. At Be My Social, our illustrators have created digital drawings of all our team, click here to see some examples.

Both are important for business growth and should be incorporated into marketing strategies.

Here at Be My Social, we offer a range of services that can help your business grow and gain traffic to your website. Our team of specialists span various resources; including advertising, copy creation, graphic design and illustrators who can create bespoke designs. Whatever your company needs, we can deliver materials that are punctual and of high quality. For more information, or to see how we can help, fill in our online form.