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How Can Your Business Grow its Facebook Group

In the modern world, it is important for businesses to maintain an active social media presence to widen audiences and gain more traffic for their services. Using a social media management company is a great way to ensure your social media reflects exactly what your business offers and how they can help their customers. And this is no exception for Facebook business groups. 

Businesses are using Facebook groups to engage new and existing customers on social media. It’s an interactive platform. That, used correctly can help businesses accelerate. Find out more about how to grow your business’ Facebook group below.

Have Incentives 

Privacy is one of the main differences between a Facebook group and a Facebook page. A page is always public, whereas you have control over a group. You have the option of making it public, private, or requiring administrator approval. It’s as simple as clicking a button to like a page. Joining a group, on the other hand, requires some level of commitment – you’ll only join if you’re actually interested in the group’s major issue.

So, to persuade more people to join your group, you must entice them to do so. Begin with your “About” section. You should provide a clear description of the group that will entice individuals to join. State your key beliefs and company values.  If members may expect things like “never before seen content” or “exclusive discounts,” mention them. This is where a social media management company can help.

Social media agencies, such as Be My Social, perform vast research on a business and have knowledge of the various social media platforms. Including Facebook. With relevant and enticing copy, your Facebook group can help widen audiences and subsequently help a company grow. 

Celebrate Your Members

Celebrating your members is a great approach to developing your organisation – after all, without them, you wouldn’t have a group. For example, certain goals or occasions could include:

  • Birthday of a member
  • Work anniversary
  • Products that have been bought

Anything that could make your business group seem more authentic and personal; valuing each of your members. This is also a great way to promote staff members also; by highlighting their achievements through social media posts. It can improve company culture, whilst showcasing to the rest of the group that the business cares about its employees. 

Research Other Groups

We talk about research a lot, here at Be My Social. And that is because it is so important in finding your company’s target audience and then subsequently widening it. A social media management company can assist this by looking at other Facebook groups that offer similar services to yours. Look at their members. Chances are, they will want to follow other groups that help with similar topics or issues. 

A social media management company can also help with creating a brand identity for your Facebook group. Make all the posts relevant to your business, whilst maintaining a consistent overall look. This will help create a recognisable look for your members, who will identify your post on their feed without having to look at the name.

Be My Social

For businesses, it is worth hiring outside social media agencies that understand the latest policies and trends to focus on. Whilst you are focusing on other aspects of your business, you can trust your social media strategy is full of fresh and trendy content.

Be My Social is a social media management company that supports businesses across the UK. We work closely with companies of all sizes to ensure that they are getting the best social media strategy to gain more followers and sales. Put your faith in the hands of social media agencies that are professionals in the marketing industry.

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