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How Digital Illustrations by Be My Social Transform Business

Whether your business is just starting, or whether you have been a well-established business that needs updated content, digital illustrations can help you move in the right direction. No matter what industry you are in, you will always have competition. The question is, does your business stand out in a busy marketplace? 

Marketing comprises every form of communication your business has with your target audience and existing customers. Visual marketing is a great way to offer a form of storytelling to your audience without them having to read a lot of information.

You can grow your small business faster with visual marketing, and here is how. 

How Illustrations Help Communicate 

Over the decades, illustrations have appeared on the street in the form of posters, in magazines for front covers and in animation videos. All to help businesses advertise their products and services. 

Nowadays, we are starting to move away from the traditional form of paper to the new digital age of social media. No longer do businesses need to advertise their service in the local newspaper. Instead, we can now advertise on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, free of charge. But why do we use illustrations to communicate?

For any conversation or message to be successful, it must be engaging and understandable. On your webpage, you may only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention and keep it, so you need to make those seconds count. Illustration can help by designing an engaging and informational narrative for your audience without using words. 

The beauty of illustrations is that there is no limit to what you can draw and design; the only issue may be how big your imagination is. An analytical business owner may consider hiring a graphic designer or illustrator to help them or working with a digital marketing agency that has a team of illustrators on hand to help. 

Consider how you want the message communicated to your target audience. The way the message is delivered can ultimately determine the degree of success. The benefit of having illustrations is that they allow you to do things differently without cutting out information beneficial to your audience. 

Dyslexic readers may also benefit from the use of graphics and illustrations. Block text can often be a hindrance to someone who struggles with reading. By breaking up text with illustrations you allow your audience to take a break from reading but keep them engaged with your content. 

Overall, illustrations are a way for you to communicate with your target audience without them having to read anything or at least very little. This is why social media platforms such as Instagram have been so successful due to the minimal amount of text and interesting illustrations and graphics. 

How Businesses can Use an Illustration Drawing

A common way businesses use graphics and illustrations is on their websites or email marketing. You want your website to inspire your audience to communicate facts and have an emotional pull for your product or service. The same applies to email marketing; with a more serious concept such as law, visual communication makes it easier for your audience to understand.

Websites and emails are not the only time illustrations can be used for business, illustrations and graphics are often used for logos. For more information about the psychology behind a well-designed logo, read our previous article

If you have just set up, having branding with graphics and illustrations will enable your social media to have a coherent look and feel. A more established business can use digital illustrations to introduce something new, adding personality to your current offering. 

Businesses will limit themselves by sticking to brand guidelines, and before long their content starts to look a little stale. Digital illustrations are a great way to introduce a new element whilst keeping your brand’s visual consistency online.

How We Can Help 

Here at Be My Social, we aim to help businesses of all sizes with their marketing needs. We are already supporting brands to improve every aspect of their design, marketing and communications. Our dedicated illustrators Emily Carr and Ross Martin are on hand to help you bring your brand to life! 

If you need any help, contact us today by calling us on 01302 494 050 or by our online form.