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How Is Digital Marketing Evolving?

The digital marketing industry faces new challenges every day. If you see the glass as half full then challenges will present new opportunities to further your understandings and push boundaries to help pave the way to new-found concepts.

2021 has been a ‘topsy-turvy’ year to say the least. For digital marketers, the year brought many pivots and changes and accelerated already existing trends that are set to impact the future of the industry.

The Impact of COVID-19

There isn’t an industry in the world that didn’t feel the effects of the virus that has crippled sectors across the globe.

Many marketers had planned for a busy 2020, whether it was through large-scale events or new businesses preparing to launch; COVID-19 put a pin in nearly every plan in the pipeline. 

Marketing strategies were drawn to a halt, campaigns were cut short and marketing teams were forced to work from home. In the fog of all this commotion, strategies began to shift and shape around the virus and companies began to regroup and refocus before establishing new methods of marketing that found success under the climate.

Marketers discovered that a new emphasis on deepening customer relationships had emerged. More importantly, empathy had appeared as a new factor due to marketers putting themselves in their customers’ shoes; seeing from their perspective allowed for an in-depth understanding of customer needs.

Digital Marketing Agencies are designed to keep on top of trends.
A Marketing Team Analysing Data.

A Surplus of Screen-time 

The rate at which people were accessing online streaming services such as Netflix and the overall rate of internet usage skyrocketed in 2020. With people being told to stay indoors, they sought entertainment in the form of movies and online meetings through platforms such as Zoom.

With in-person events strictly prohibited, marketers opted to approach their audiences through virtual events, videos and digital marketing channels. As a result, the digital marketing industry holds digital experiences at a high value. In the future, we could start to see companies prioritize their strongest strategies for their online database as opposed to their physical presence.

Innumerable Data

The statistics for data in 2020 are beyond fathomable. According to NodeGraph, a single minute on the internet included:

  • 480,000 Tweets
  • 4.7 million YouTube hits
  • 4.2 million Google searches
  • 200 million emails sent
  • 60,000 image uploads

This data is enhanceable in the hands of digital marketers. From this they can gather the behaviours and interests of their target audience; what films they are watching and the problems they have that require solutions.

The Data Statistics in 2020 were Incomprehensible and will continue to rise in 2021.
Keeping Track of Online Databases.

Everyone Has a Voice Online

Each and every single individual that signs up for a social network gains access to their online platforms and from there, they can share their thoughts with the world.

How does this affect digital marketing?

The competition amongst content creators is fierce, this requires creators, brands and influencers to be as relevant and as eye-catching as possible in order to stand out amongst the crowd.

Through videos, webinars, blogs, interactive content, infographics and so many more, marketers will find it difficult to run out of options to produce content. However, amongst the fierce competition, it is vital to remain informative and accurate as much as the content pursues the intention to be creative and innovative.

Everyone on social media is a content creator,
Social Media Allows Anyone to Broadcast Their Opinions and Ideas.

Digital Marketing is Changing

Trending relates to a topic that surges to the forefront of our web pages and news articles but will soon lose its relevance. However, some trends are so powerful that they send shockwaves through the system; altering the algorithms that businesses and marketers use to reach their customers. 

Digital marketing agencies are prepared to deal with and adapt to any changes that come to light; upholding the best interests of your brand under all circumstances.

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