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How Market Research Helps Write Better Copy

When writing copy, some people may not think that market research is actually the foundation. Copywriters strive to be innovative and creative with their content creation services and might think that just throwing a bunch of descriptive words together will sell the product. Yet, even with the best graphics and marketing strategy in place, you’ll get nowhere without doing the basic research beforehand. 

You need to know what you or your client’s customers will respond to, before copywriting any website text, press release, blog post, or social media post. Find out more about the importance of market research here at Be My Social and how hiring content creation services may help your business grow. 

Research Your Competitors and Similar Products 

F**** C*** (1999) said it best: “everything’s a copy of a copy of a copy.”

It is very rare that the product or service you will be writing copy for is one-of-kind. Most likely, there will be similar businesses that provide similar products. It is important to fully understand your competitors so that your product can stand out when targeting audiences. 

Look at how they advertise their business. Are they using social media platforms? Are there articles on their website explaining their services? From there, you can implement a similar strategy that has worked for your competitors, whilst finding creative ways to differ. And that includes changing the style when writing copy. Ensure that the writing is uniquely yours and is in line with the company’s set of values.

Researching the Product or Service

Before writing copy, start by familiarizing yourself with the product or the services provided by the business. How are you supposed to write engaging copy for the target audiences without first understanding why they should invest? Think about whether the product solves any problems. How it stands out from your competitors and other similar products. Does it solve any problems? 

Doing market research can help with writing copy, for businesses and copy creators alike. Obtaining hands-on experience with the (physical) product or trying the services yourself is a great way to ensure the text is more authentic. You’ll be able to describe your own feelings and explain the item better than you could before.

Find Your Audience

This is probably the most important step. Know your audience. 

Understanding who exactly your audience is (whether this is age, gender, economical background etc.) will help when writing copy, as you can resonate with them and recognise their needs. Once you’ve figured out who your target market is, you’ll need to figure out exactly what they want from the product. You must understand what your target customer is seeking when purchasing your products (or similar goods). 

This stage will aid in the development of authenticity and the identification of the appropriate audience for a solution to their problem.

Hiring Content Creation Services

So, research! (we can see we’ve used that word a lot in this article). We also understand that certain businesses will not have enough time to fully implement a marketing strategy that includes in-depth research on surrounding competitors and audience base.

Consider hiring content creation services that have experts in writing innovative copy. Not only that, before even starting the copywriting process, content creators will look at the industry your business is operating in; your competitors and the audiences that they target. Many marketing companies will also combine their services with popular platforms such as advertising and social media. This means that once finding the audience your business is wanting to focus on, the writing and medium it is showcased on will be tailored. 

Be My Social

Here at Be My Social, we offer content creation services in a wide range of forms. We want to support businesses across the UK, with innovative social media posts and article writing, that have been optimised with SEO techniques. All to help improve your company and gain more traffic. We have a dedicated team that spans various sectors including writing copy, creating bespoke graphic designs and promoting your business on social media. Focus on the more important aspects of your business and leave your content to us!

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