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How to Create Engaging Newsletter Emails

Newsletter emails offer customers and fans an insight into a business by subscribing to a mailing list. This can include a variety of elements, such as promotions, company announcements and the latest deals. The aim is to not just encourage your customers to continue with your services (and improve sales) but, to also make them feel included within the business. 

But, how can you create engaging content for emails that could be sent weekly? You don’t want to make your customers unsubscribe to your list and therefore, lose potential sales. Find out more here from a digital marketing company.


We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Research! Research everything before diving straight in. Find successful newsletter emails online and see what has worked in the past. Looking at other companies in your industry, you can see what sort of information they are sending out to their subscribers, or elements that they are leaving out. From there, you can find out what works for you and your company’s set of values. 

This is where a digital marketing company can help. Research and finding a suitable formula for email marketing can take time. Time that your business might not necessarily have. Instead, hiring a digital marketing company allows a professional team to take the reins. They will research for you and use their own experience to cater for your business; finding newsletter emails to suit your needs. Find out more about our email marketing services here.

Have a Good Educational to Promotional Balance

Your email newsletter subscribers most likely do not want to hear about your products and services all of the time. While they may adore you and want to hear from you, there’s only so much selling you can do before they lose interest.

Get rid of the self-promotion in your email newsletters (most of the time) and focus on giving instructive, relevant, and timely content to your readers. Leave out the promotional bits unless you have a major, exciting piece of news about your product, service, or company. Make sure your newsletter emails are both informative, with a side of selling your products. 

Be Creative With Your Subject Lines

Even if your followers subscribe to your emails, there is no assurance that they will open them once the email is in your inbox. Many digital marketers strive to increase subscriber familiarity; by sending them emails with a repetitive subject line. Whether this is every day, week or month. Monotonous content will not engage your customers and will drive them more to unsubscribe altogether from the mailing list. 

Let’s face it, subscribers will get tired of those repeating newsletter emails subject lines very quickly. There’s no reason to necessarily click on the email if it is the same as the last editions. Instead, your business or marketing team should create new, innovative and interesting subject lines for all newsletter emails sent out.

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